Use watercolor swatches to share your wedding color scheme

Updated Oct 12 2015
Guest post by Erinelizabetho


I've been wringing my hands over my "dusky" wedding colors, and it's been difficult to explain to my bridesmaids what I generally had in mind. My bridesmaids also live all over the US (and none of them close to me) so a lot of them will have to search for their dresses solo, and I think some of the girls have been nervous to just start looking without a narrower focus.

So I sat down with my watercolors and metallic nail polish and started hammering out swatches…


As you can see, there are multiple shades of the same color. So I'm hoping zoning into a color they like on the card will give them a starting point and help my girls get some bridesmaid dress clarity.

  1. Thank you! Why didn't I think of this before?! Reading your article was like reading my exact "color scheme" issue but with a solution at the end. Our wedding party and guests have been nagging us for our "wedding colors" and the problem is that artists can't pick just one or two. I need a palette, and I wasn't finding one online that quite fit.

  2. Like the best ideas, simple but great!

    Another option for the less crafty could be getting paint colour swatches from a hardware or paint store.

  3. Great idea! I am planning to do the swatch thing as well so I can pick a range of colors for them to choose their own dress. I was thinking of going to get paint strips from a large home store to do it but I also like this idea.

  4. I used paint swatches from the store, but only because I found one that matched PERFECTLY and I don't have the watercolor talent. Or paints…

  5. Those would also make totally cool postcards! Or… Save the Dates, perhaps? Or maybe thank you cards for your bridetribe? Colour, for me, is such a memory trigger – I spent forever playing with colours before I did anything else with my planning, and I love the idea of just a page of colour inspiration, say, at the beginning of a bridal scrap book or something…?

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