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A while ago I got some great feedback in the form of a book review over on Amazon:

I think it's a little funny that the chapter on bridal wear in Offbeat Bride does not even mention the possibility of the bride wearing – gasp – pants instead of a dress. Utilikilts get a mention — “Match your skirts!” — but even then does it not enter the picture that some brides are not into dresses.

It's an excellent point, and a total oversight! While of course I couldn't cover every single breed of offbeat in the book (snowboard brides got short shrift, and transgender Buddhists were completely ignored), writing about brides in pants is actually something I really wish I'd included. luckily, I've fixed the issue in the third edition of the Offbeat Bride book. (Whew!)

In my poking around online I found a fair amount of inspiration for brides who wish to go the pants route and even some awesome indie vendors! Take a look below.

How much do you love the embroidery on this wedding suit by Rachelle Appelle?

If you're going formal, I like this combo (Cosmobella Style 7125) with the little translucent overlay that gives a hint of a train while still very much maintaining the fact that these are a pair of PANTS, mofo. Not some princess dress. Also, the corset top gives the outfit a nice hourglass shape.

Love this bridal pantsuit option with the veil from Etsy seller VictoriaSporina
I love the one-shoulder of this super affordable wedding pantsuit
Look at the back of this bridal jumpsuit from Etsy seller NadiaManzatoAtelier. That BOW!!


This style is a bit more of a boho wedding jumpsuit from Desiree Marie Designs


suits for butch women
Suit Slacks from Haute Butch


butch suits for women
Magda suit from Laura Galic


butch suits for women
Black and White tuxedo from Vigilante Labs


masculine suits for women
Monochrome Women Suit from ParadoxBG


masculine suits for women
AYOBAMI Yellow suit from mmExclusives

Here are some of our favorite brides in pants from our archives:

Mariangela and Ryan's beach brunch vow renewal. Photo by Sergio Mottola


A courthouse wedding with a bed and breakfast bash. Photo by Jessie Mary Photography


Natalie & Iliana's laid-back bounce house wedding. Photo by Franky Lopez


Heidi & Kurtis' Celtic monk elopement dream wedding in Ireland. Photo by Tess Molloy


Kimberly & David's Bookish gender-avoiding party. Photo by Russ Mathews


Sitting in a tree
Leah & Jordan's self-uniting, white wedding at Falling Water.

See TONS MOAR brides in pants in our tag archive!

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Comments on Brides in pants

  1. The second pantsuit is elegant, light and breezy, feminine, modern and sexy! Perfect for a beach wedding i think.

  2. love it! i’ve insisted for the past 4 years that i WOULD get married in pants, but now that i’m actually planning a wedding, i’ve almost given up. dresses are so much easier to find; i’m sick of explaining to ev-er-y-one why i would possibly want to wear pants. but i’m glad to finally find some articles discussing pants. emboldens me a little. =)

    • i will love to have a pantsuit to wear to my weeding pleas send me you were about please thankyou i alway wear pants

    • Anyone that knows me knows I will wear what I want and it is a renewal vow so Pants it is. I already have the gorgeous Dalia Anthropologie lace topper and camisole in cream and I will get tuxedo pants custom made (off a Yve St. Laurent pair I own vintage) along with cream side stripe. I will wear a fancy pant outfit half bridey mostly ME! YUP!!!! If you want a pant outfit make it happen.

  3. My mom got married in 1970 in a white sleeveless wrap top and pants that she made herself. I aspire to reach such heights, but I like skirts. So my dress has a short ball skirt and is irridescent periwinkle!

  4. I like the first photo with the lady in the ‘fro. If I were going for pants, I would like something freeflowing like that. The other pictures doesn’t look bridal to me. It would take away something from the look of my ideal wedding.

  5. I was re-married in August 2004 and because I absolutely HATE skirts / dresses I decided to contact a local seamstress that specialized in Wedding Gowns. I discussed my ideas with her and she was more than happy to help me design my outfit! We looked through ALL her pattern books until we came up with the PERFECT match to my design. Y E S ! I wore a white, lace 3PC pant ‘suit’! TOTALLY ROCKED!

  6. P.S. My Daugther, AGE 6 [at the time] was my flower girl… she too wore a pant ‘outfit’ that I had designed [or at least had an idea of what I wanted the ‘outfit’ to look like], which again – the seamstress made for me. ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!

  7. Hi, I’ve been scouring the web and can’t find any bridal pantsuits! Just articles on them. The photo you show of the white strapless pantsuit with the little train is great, but there is no designer or brand name given. Who makes it?

  8. Edna: no idea. I found the photo online uncredited.

    My advice with this and all bridalwear: have it made for you. It’ll fit better, cost less, and you’ll get exactly what you want.

  9. I’m getting married in pants in September, will let you in on the pics afterwards!! To be honest though everyone has been more disappointed in the fact I’m wearing all black than the fact that I’m wearing pants!

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