Forget your contacts and bask in these brides wearing glasses on their wedding days!

January 8 2008 | offbeatbride
Photo by Carly Bish
Any suggestions for how to "dress up" a bride with eyeglasses?

I wear wire rimmed glasses that are a subtle cat-eye shape (can't be too crazy since I work in a hospital) and I can't wear contacts b/c of a medical condition.

However, I find that glasses tend to "dress down" any fancy outfit I wear and I never see wedding photos where the bride has glasses.

Any experience out there? -Kerith

Seems like there are two strategies you could use for wearing glasses at your wedding:

1. "My frames are a part of my face!" (ie, stick with the glasses you've got)
If you love your frames and feel like they're really part of your face and identity, or are planning a low-key, mellow wedding, stick with the glasses you've got. If you're a make-uppy type, you could go for extra dramatic eye make-up under your usual specs to add some flair. Dude: when was the last time you tried quality fake eyelashes? Bridget Bardot in spectacles anyone?

2. "My frames are part of my wedding outfit!" (ie, get new ones)
Wearing a pair of one-of-a-kind frames that aren't your usuals would make a great visual impact on your wedding — I say go for frames that coordinate with your dress. To be even more daring and dramatic, go for frames that coordinate with your flowers. Let your glasses be an extension of your bouquet: a visual splash! You could also go super light and understated — ie frameless lenses that barely show.

I realize that dramatic eyewear isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you're worried about feeling like your everyday glasses make your fancy outfit feel too casual then a pair of fabulous frames could help. If you were in Seattle, I'd send you straight to Eyes on Fremont, my favorite eyeglass boutique. (Caveat: as we all know, designer frames are expensive as hell. You could almost spend almost as much on glasses as you do on a dress.)

Another thing to consider is having your photographer take some of your wedding shots angled slightly from above. Everyone who wears glasses knows the infamous "over the lenses" shot (alternately called "Bloggerface" or "MySpace pose"), and it's common for a reason: It's a great way to keep your glasses on, but let your eyes show.

Now, here are a few brides with glasses to inspire you…

Thumbs up!

girl talk


Attempting to look romantical

Rainy Day

Bride having a little fun.


Glory Be

Glasses check
Photo by Melissa Doyle of Casting Memories


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  1. I have a pair of silver half-frame glasses (the frame is on the top); I was considering not wearing them for my wedding next year, but after reading all this, I've decided I can make them work. Especially after seeing all the wonderful pictures! Thanks, ladies. ♥

  2. I wear glasses too and I wish I could get a link to pictures brides in eyeglasses. I find it hard to visualize a hairstyle by looking at brides without glasses. Does anyone know links of more pictures of brides in eyeglasses from dresses to hairstyles?

  3. I love your site and page I just got married and am so glad I wore my glasses felt more like me when I looked at the pics. I hated all the 'helpful advice' I recieved before the wedding not to wear them.

  4. I am contemplating wearing my glasses. I didnt wear them for the engagement photos and ended up with a headache by the end of the day ๐Ÿ™ I can survive without my glasses but if a 2 hour photo shoot gave me a headache I cant imagine a whole day (and some of it includes signing). I cant stomach contacts at all and so might have to get some 'wedding glasses' Im in Korea at the moment and glasses are SUPER cheap. But I agree with the OP that they tend to dress down any outfit I wear. Oh well I have 9 months to figure it out. ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to read and see all your ideas. x

  5. I'm totally going to wear my glasses. They have been part of my face since fourth grade and I can't stick shit in my eyes! Not to mention having red puffy eyes from new contacts seems all around less attractive to me.

  6. I want to wear my glasses too…. but i have transition lenses and our wedding is outside – won't i look sunglasses-y in every shot? I don't want to change my glasses lenses before the wedding because i lack the low-glare…. I think my crazy hair and fringe might be the worse for wear element here… ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. I want to wear my glasses too…. but i have transition lenses and our wedding is outside – won't i look sunglasses-y in every shot? I don't want to change my glasses lenses before the wedding because i lack the low-glare…. I think my crazy hair and fringe might be the worse for wear element here… ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Unfortunately, yes- an optician commented in an earlier comment and said that transition lenses will darken and cause issues outside.

  8. Anyone in the NYC area should check out Fabulous Fanny's on 9th St btwn 1st and 2nd Aves. I've been getting my glasses there for like 10 years and they are, in fact, fabulous. They've got a million styles of vintage and retro frames (I recommend just getting someone who works there to help you, since otherwise it will take hours!).

    They're really reasonably priced, too. Out of 5 or 6 pairs I've gotten there, only one cost more than $100, and those were incredible red, rhinestone-encrusted frames I got for prescription sunglasses.

  9. I've needed glasses since I was five; I have three pairs of glasses and also wear contacts on a regular basis. I hop between them on any given day for all kinds of reasons – I elected to wear contacts on the day of the wedding because I felt like it when I got up that day, but I would have felt equally comfortable wearing my glasses – my husband didn't care which option I chose, and I had my glasses in my purse if I felt like changing at the reception.

  10. My older sis and mom said that I should get those throw-away contacts for the wedding so that I wouldn't have to wear my glasses. I had a few reasons for telling them no: 1) I wear glasses on a daily basis, so my wedding day is not a reason for it to be any different 2) I think I look better with my glasses than without 3) I'm not spend extra money unnecessarily for something that I could really could care less about wearing (contacts) and for something that isn't who I am 4) Again, I don't want to waste the money on something I'm only going to wear once.


    (I can't figure out how to add the actual photo into the comment…)

    My husband and I both wore our glasses to our wedding. His eyes are way worse than mine and he's had those glasses FOREVER and nothing else was ever considered. I love my frames, and I'm shy and I sort of like "hiding" behind them a little, so for me, it was a comfort factor in choosing to wear them. Plus, I'm a little hipster and I, well, love those frames!

  12. I'm really glad to see this article! I have glasses too but I might be getting new frames because I have transitions and I don't want them changing for outdoor pictures (Even though we are getting married in October)

    I think I look better with glasses anyway!

  13. My fiancee and I both wear glasses, any other time we'd be happy to let our g33k flags fly… but we both think if there's a chance of make up running or tears or wind or anything, then contacts are probably a bad choice, so we've decided we'll let the photographer take some with them off, just to break up the more routine looking shots, but I need my glasses to see, and aside from wearing new frames that go with the decor, we're probably just going to wear glasses and if someone wants to take some shots with us half blind, then it's an option, but I don't like poking myself in the eye.. [no problem with people who like contacts though, do what makes you comfortable]

  14. Sorry to bring up the old discussion ๐Ÿ™‚ I'll be a bride in 2013 and I wear glasses. I hadn't given a thought about that until I saw a photo of a bride wearing glasses and it struck me that all the other photos I've seen are of brides without glasses ๐Ÿ˜€ My fiance wears contacts, rarely glasses. I am not used to contacts and I imagined myself just walking without glasses and hoping not to stumble. You all give me the assurance that I can still be a beautiful bride wearing my glasses and actually seeing my wedding ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. It's so nice to read all these inspiring comments. I'm getting married in November and just decided to google 'Brides with glasses' because you hardly ever see any pictures. I'd love to be all dressy and not have to wear glass, but they're a part of me! I always wear them and If I turned up on my wedding day without them then I think it would be weird. Why should I change for one day?
    It's nice to read all these comments and to see the pictures. I love the pic at the top of the page!
    I'm trying to decide whether to buy some new glasses that are slightly different to my everyday frame….
    Has anyone had problems with reflections in photos?

  16. I don't wear glasses so I can't say if this will work or not, but maybe you have a pair of glasses that you don't wear frequently that you could diy? Like add some rhinestones to the corner of the frames? You'd need thicker frames for that to work, I'd assume.

  17. I am kinda bummed that I might end up wearing my glasses to my wedding. I don't really need my glasses very much, but I've got some pretty awful bags under my eyes, and I use my glasses as a distraction tool. :-p I'm going to make sure to stay hydrated, avoid sodium, get enough sleep, and get some well-done professional makeup to hopefully keep those bad boys in check, but with the photo-snappingest day of my life, I really don't want to look at every photo and cringe. I guess we'll see! Haha, pun unintended!

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