Forget your contacts and bask in these brides wearing glasses on their wedding days!

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Any suggestions for how to “dress up” a bride with eyeglasses?

I wear wire rimmed glasses that are a subtle cat-eye shape (can't be too crazy since I work in a hospital) and I can't wear contacts b/c of a medical condition.

However, I find that glasses tend to “dress down” any fancy outfit I wear and I never see wedding photos where the bride has glasses.

Any experience out there? -Kerith

Seems like there are two strategies you could use for wearing glasses at your wedding:

1. “My frames are a part of my face!” (ie, stick with the glasses you've got)
If you love your frames and feel like they're really part of your face and identity, or are planning a low-key, mellow wedding, stick with the glasses you've got. If you're a make-uppy type, you could go for extra dramatic eye make-up under your usual specs to add some flair. Dude: when was the last time you tried quality fake eyelashes? Bridget Bardot in spectacles anyone?

2. “My frames are part of my wedding outfit!” (ie, get new ones)
Wearing a pair of one-of-a-kind frames that aren't your usuals would make a great visual impact on your wedding — I say go for frames that coordinate with your dress. To be even more daring and dramatic, go for frames that coordinate with your flowers. Let your glasses be an extension of your bouquet: a visual splash! You could also go super light and understated — ie frameless lenses that barely show.

I realize that dramatic eyewear isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if you're worried about feeling like your everyday glasses make your fancy outfit feel too casual then a pair of fabulous frames could help. If you were in Seattle, I'd send you straight to Eyes on Fremont, my favorite eyeglass boutique. (Caveat: as we all know, designer frames are expensive as hell. You could almost spend almost as much on glasses as you do on a dress.)

Another thing to consider is having your photographer take some of your wedding shots angled slightly from above. Everyone who wears glasses knows the infamous “over the lenses” shot (alternately called “Bloggerface” or “MySpace pose”), and it's common for a reason: It's a great way to keep your glasses on, but let your eyes show.

Now, here are a few brides with glasses to inspire you…

Thumbs up!

girl talk


Attempting to look romantical

Rainy Day

Bride having a little fun.


Glory Be

Glasses check


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Comments on Forget your contacts and bask in these brides wearing glasses on their wedding days!

  1. here is my beautiful wife in her glasses at the wedding. these are just her regular glasses. (i skipped mine, because i see relatively well without them and wanted a more dramatic look than my glasses could provide.)

  2. I got married last wednesday and wore glasses. I’m so glad I didn’t try to fiddle with contacts, and it was a good excuse to replace my 3 year old beat up frames with some nice new ones

  3. I’m working hard on them, my mom’s pressuring me to get announcements out by the end of this week! sheesh! that means pictures online by the end of the day 😀

  4. i’m a little offended at the thought that the devices i need to see properly might be seen (hah) as making me look less dressed up. i don’t wear contacts, i’m not getting Lasik before the wedding – i’ll be wearing my glasses because I WEAR GLASSES. How is this about looking dressed down?
    (kerith, by all means, if you’re not happy with how it looks, adjust. but i don’t think you should feel pressured into it by someone else saying it looks “wrong” in any way.)

  5. Kate, I’m not sure Kerith was saying anyone was telling her glasses didn’t look right — she was saying she felt like they “dressed down” her outfit, which I understand. If you wear the same frames every day, they start to feel like daily wear — like your favorite jeans. I don’t think this is about anyone pressuring Kerith not to wear her glasses, but her trying to figure out how to make something she wears every day feel a little more fancy on her wedding day.

  6. I have rather plain wire rims as well. I say wear them and do dramatic eyes – the nice thing about thin wire rims is that they allow for my eye makeup to take center stage.

  7. Thank you for this post! I go with option number 1. I’ve had more people than I’d like asking me “are you going to wear your glasses?” I reply with, “of course–I have to see where I’m walking!” I think that if I wasn’t wearing glasses specifically for the purpose of the wedding I’d feel like it wasn’t *me* who was getting married. (besides, mine have dragonflies on them, which I love.)

  8. Emily,

    What an incrediably lovely shot of the two of you. You are both so beutiful

    • Wow! You look incredible. If anything, I think your glasses help to make your eyes stand out even more.

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