Bride and groom EXTERMINATE! their surprise Dalek wedding cakes

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In the years that I've worked on Offbeat Bride, this has to be one of my most favorite things of all time. Yes, those are bride and groom Daleks made of cake, (sitting next to a Tardis teapot no less). Tribesmaid eclaire4186 explains how these Doctor Who-tastic wedding cakes came to be:

My sister is THE BEST PRESENT GIVER EVER! She'd been teasing me for months about how awesome her wedding present was going to be. And then, just as we were wrapping up our wedding lunch, these two creatures came onto the scene! She'd found someone to make a Dalek Bride and Groom! Even better because she sneakily had me bring back a Dalek keychain “for a friend” from London, which she actually gave to the baker as inspiration.

The groom Dalek was chocolate with raspberry filling, and the bride Dalek was red velvet and cream cheese frosting. This is them cutting into the Dalek bride. As the human bride put it, “So satisfying to take down a Dalek!”

If you're wondering, the cakes were made by the lovely folks at Denver Designer Cakes and they were reportedly fantastic AND delicious. That's definitely one way to kill a Dalek.

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  1. This is great! I love how the bride Dalek has a ruffly skirt. (I’m not sure why that detail stands out the most to me. )

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