How to create your bridal shop moment with your online bought dress

How to create your bridal shop moment with your online bought dress
Dress by Zeita Studios

We've been ogling online store dresses and outfits for years now, but only recently have we really seen an uptick in folks buying their wedding dresses online. We've got tons of custom dress makers in our vendor guide, there are a million fab dresses on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and so many online dress stores. There are even some online dress makers who will send you samples to mail back with your measurements. It's just way easier to buy online than it ever has been before.

This online shopping convenience comes with a tiny cost, though: you don't have that bridal store moment where you let your crew see you in the dress/outfit and ooh and ahh. The remedy? Create that shit yourself! Here are my tips to create your bridal shop moment with your online purchased dress…

Make it an event

Think of this as a mini party. You'll have a small guest list, maybe some champagne, a couch for your pals, and, of course, your dress or outfit! If you'll be wearing a big tulle princess gown or a sleek and dapper suit, you're totally allowed a little moment to bask in enjoying your selected outfit.

It can be at your place, a hotel room, or a friend's place. No matter where it is, let yourself have fun.

How to create your bridal shop moment with your online bought dress
Mermaid Wedding Dress from KMKDesigns

Invite your besties

Who would you have normally invited to help you shop for your dress? Some family members, your best pals, your partner? Whoever you want there, add them to the guest list. Let them know that it's a dress/outfit reveal and that they should come prepared to enjoy themselves, preen and coo, and just be supportive of your amazing new acquisition and to-do list item checked off. They could even help prepare for alterations if you need any.

Set the MOOD

This is where it gets FUN. Make sure you've got good lighting, champers/drinks, a good amount of seating aimed at you, maybe some candles, snacks, flowers, and a really good soundtrack. My suggestion? Think RuPaul's Drag Race meets girl power anthems.

Here are a few to get you started…


Even more soundtrack ideas!

How to create your bridal shop moment with your online bought dress
Handpainted Skirt from Sweet Caroline Styles

Grab a big mirror (or a few!) & a box

If you want to mimic the thrill of that reality TV moment (and no shame if you do!), grab yourself a big, sturdy box and a tall mirror or three. Then you can see the whole (probably too long) skirt from all your angles and plan out accessories and hair and shoes and and and!

Prepare for the reveal

If you'll be wearing makeup, slap some of that on along with whatever general hairstyle you'll be rocking. Maybe even toss on your wedding shoes, if you have them at the ready. It'll get you in the mood to bask in your own glow for a little while. You deserve it.

'Scuse me while I feel myself…

How to create your bridal shop moment with your online bought dress
Ombre Pink Tulle Wedding Dress from Oh My Honey Shop

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  1. I'd ask a friend if s/he could unbox and hang up the dress. I can be overly dramatic so I might request that the friend run out like they do on 'Say yes to the dress' lol.

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