Alternate names for bridal parties – bridesminions, henchmen, adventure party, and more!

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alternative names for bridal parties
What the hell do we call all these awesome people!? (Photo by Poprock Photography)

With the rising popularity of gender-blind wedding parties, and weddings without bridal parties, we need terms beyond “bridesmaids” and “groomsmen” to refer to the people who are helping you with all your wedding duties. Bonus points if they're gender-neutral, ‘cuz we loves us some gender-blind wedding parties.

Here are a few of the creative alternative names for bridal parties that our readers and Tribesmaids have come up with:

We are having “I Do Crews” instead of bridesmaids/groomsmen/etc. We decided to be totally gender-neutral and focus on them as a collective group that has helped each of us as individuals. –Mo
There were a wide variety of thoughts that played into our decision to have an “adventuring party” rather than the traditional set of bridesmaids and groomsmen. First, that particular paradigm didn't shout FUN in the way that an Adventuring Party did. -Geoff
“We had a “Pew Crew” since our wedding was in a church.” -Donteatmenooo
We're having a Groom Squad and Bridespeeps, with men and women on both sides. –Gilly
My “maid of honor” is being called my “handmaiden.” The bridal party are “Friends of Honor.” –befuddledlife
I have a Brother of Honor and a Best Sister in the “stand up with us” roles, but I'm definitely think “Henchman” needs to be applied, perhaps liberally, to as many other “helpers” as possible. So awesome! –annarhoswen
Harbingers of wedding cheer.” –librobot
Because we are having a gender blind wedding party and one in which no one person is more or less important than the next one, we've been calling the group our “honor guard” and done away with the best titles. –daffogirl
My flowergirls are throwing leaves. I titled them “Ladies of the Leaf.” –elleluvsj
I've heard people use the collective terms “entourage” and “attendants.” Also, “Posse” and “bride's gang.” –ocelot
Bridesminions. It makes me feel like an evil villain. –bethany
While [our bridal party] were the traditional sexes for the roles, we didn't really think of them as matron of honour and best man, we really thought of them as co-conspirators. –lynn
Because my partner and I share our friends group so equally and aren't really significantly closer to some people more than others it would be weird to have friends pick sides. Instead we have “crew-mates.” (We asked them to be our crew mates with bottles of rum and personalized labels.) They'll be standing in a semi-circle around us instead of being on one side or the other. –Beth
My male bridal party is called my Marital Squires. –bemyrecords
We went with “bridesbutler” for my male bridesmaid. –genevieve
We have an absolute shitload of people (20 total but they won't be standing up with us) and we're calling them The Committment Crew. –mcmullek
We have “bridesfolk” and “groomsfolk.”polkadotpeony
The Nuptial Cabinet? (Assign each an office, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, etc.)
Parliament? (House of Lords, House of… er… Ladies, each with a Speaker)
Wu-Tang Clan? (Ruff Ryders, G-Unit, etc.) –hungrygrad
My fiance came up with the brilliant idea of calling our crew our “Matrimony Homies.” I was delighted by this and immediately requested ridiculous things like Matrimony Baloney, a Matrimony Pony, Matrimony Footlong Coney, etc. Anyway! This was a good way for us to incorporate both our bridesmaids/groomsmen as well as our officiant, who is a friend. -Anonymous

What gender neutral (or alternative) titles did you use for your wedding party?

photography: Poprock Photography

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Comments on Alternate names for bridal parties – bridesminions, henchmen, adventure party, and more!

  1. Because our wedding is Steampunk themed (squeee!) we’re going with “Airship Crew” for all those who we’re asking to stand and “Airstrip Landing Squad” for those who are significantly pitching in with decor, detail, and baking help. Yay!

    • I totally love the matrimony homies idea but what would your name the flower girls and ushers ?

  2. Since ours is heavy on the Norse mythology and practice, I have sheildmaidens/man. Literally. Like, carrying shields. Also calling the girl members valkyries because they’ll have feathers in their hair.

    Overall, our party is our “Guards,” but I /really/ like the Adventuring Party. STEALING.

  3. I called mine my “crew” or my “crazy filters” to help offset any irritating relatives.

  4. I’m using the term “Best Woman” for the female friend who will be standing right next to me. I think Maid/Matron of Honor are outdated terms anyway since they are based on the woman’s marital status, which I really don’t give a damn about at all.

    I have another friend who had her youngest brother stand with her in her first wedding. He was simply called her “Honor Attendant.”

    BTW, I love the word “entourage” for the wedding party!

  5. I had too many awesome girlfriends to make a reasonably sized wedding party, so they became my Bridal Brain Trust. Mine are all girls, but it would work for bridal parties of any gender!

  6. I had too many awesome girlfriends to make a reasonably sized wedding party, so they became my Bridal Brain Trust. Mine are all girls, but it would work for bridal parties of any gender!

  7. We’re calling our group the Honor Guard. Everyone IN it though seems a little confused. Although they are offbeat too they haven’t experienced that in regards to weddings, so they aren’t quite sure what to think. They keep asking what are the girls called and the guys called? I think I’ll incorporate offbeat titles for each gender, but I can’t think of what. They are friends to both me and FH so I don’t want to separate them like Bridesminions. I do like Henchman though for the guys.

  8. My partner and I are organizers in a revolutionary socialist group, so of course, we ended up with “The People’s Wedding Battalion”

    I’m also Jewish, so we will have Chuppah holders, who will be the literal foundation upon which our relationship was built

    • that is awesome! my partner and i have been trying to think of something similar, though the naming job may go to my slightly more creative best man.

      ever since we were kids though my chief bridesmaid and i decided we would be each others “maids of horror” – probably because we know the most embarrassing, horrific stories about each other 😉

  9. I didn’t want to choose between my two best friends, so I’m having a Maid of Honour and a Maid of Awesome!

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