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Updated Oct 12 2015
rita and bouquet
Photo by Wild About You Photography

Now we know you love your non-floral bouquets and, really, how could you not? There are so many awesome options from Princess Lasertron felt bouquets to feathers to fans to clutches to books to lanterns to … whatever else your heart desires… BUT we know some of you out there love flowers! Let's look at the rainbow of awesome bridal bouquets we've seen on our site…


Offbeat Bride Becca's bouquet turned out amazing. It had tulips, dahlias, ginger (!), gerber daisies, and berries in it.

Amazing bouquet with bumble bee!

[caption caption="Photo by Carly Stipe. Flowers by Michelle Leon, Minneapolis, MN." align="center"]Handmade bouquet!
Photos by Jeremy Lawson. Flowers by Carriage Flowers, Oak Park, IL.
Joan's friend, Michelle, handmade her bouquet using red garden fresh roses and red chili peppers for Joan & Tom's upcycled, carnival wedding. It's HOT!

the flowers
Photo by Elizabeth Ray Photography. Flowers by Not Just Flowers, San Francisco, CA.
Lisa, from Not Just Flowers, made this bouquet for Lauren out of dahlias, calla lilies, coxcomb, fiddlehead-fern and cymbidium orchids. Lauren's bouquet had white garden roses and her bridesmaids had gerber daisies. I just love the various textures and shapes of this bouquet — they are so different yet they mesh so well.

bouqet photo with origami cranes
Photo by Olya Gary. Flowers by Flower Divas, Santa Clara, CA.
Just as you can totally have your cake and eat it too, this just shows you can have a floral bouquet AND a non-floral bouquet! How fabulous are those oragami cranes mixed in with the flowers? Also, are you beginning to sense a fiddle fern theme?

The bride said that she told Shawna Futigaki, the owner of Flower Divas, the date, her budget, and her wedding colors and she did the rest. The origami cranes were made by the bride and put on wire for Shawna to incorporate into the bouquet.

Photo by Michael Andrews Photography. Flowers by Flowers by Susan, Simi Valley, CA.
It seems to me that finding flowers to match a green color scheme is hardest of all. When Michael Andrews PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them sent us this photo from the woman who brought us the freakin' sweet rock candy bouquet, I thought, "Hell yes! This bouquet would do any green-themed wedding proud!"

Marina Wedding- Ben Herman Photography
Photos by Ben Herman. Flowers by Mountain Mist Florist, Springwood, NSW, Australia.
Marina went into Mountain Mist Florist a month before the wedding and told them that she wanted "black and white flowers, something with berries in it, something blue that matches the blue of my dress and something that is an Australian native." She also asked for gardenias, because her mom and nana both had gardenias in their bouquets, and she wanted a modern twist on their bouquets.

Marina Wedding- Ben Herman PhotographyRobyn wrote down her requests and took a sample of her dress fabric to match the blue. She assured Marina she could provide her with a bouquet that had berries of some sort, a native flower or two, and definitely something that was as blue as her amazing dress!

She ended up with was a mixture of black-centered mini gerberas, the most fragrant gardenias you've ever smelled, berries from an Australian native bush-fig, australian native Wax flowers, white lisianthus, and blue delphinium belladonna. The bouquet was ribbon-wrapped with an edge of waxy gardenia leaves to frame the flowers.

Jen and Josh-37.jpg
Photo by Whitney Lee Photography. Flowers by the bride, Austin, TX.
Whitney of Whitney Lee PhotographyThey ♥ OBB; we ♥ them (and our new DIY editor!) said the bride did her own flowers. I love the wildness and spiky edges of the bouquet and how awesome it looks with her two(!) colored crinolines!

Photo by Theo Stroomer. Flowers by the bride, Seattle, WA.
Holly knew she wanted to use her favorite summer flower: sweet peas. She grew them herself, but, unfortunately, the weather was poor and the first batch was a little skimpy. Holly added a few drumstick allium and some roses from Costco to fill out the bouquet. There was also a butterfly hairpin in there as butterflies were a theme for Holly's wedding.

My bouquet
Photo by Joke Visser Photography. Flowers by Bloemenhuis Torenzicht, Netherlands.
Marina Wedding- Ben Herman Photography

Hannah told me her now-husband was estatic when he saw my message asking for info about her bouquet. Why? He chose it and it was a surprise for Hannah!

Hannah was quite nervous about the whole thing (she is not very good with surprises) and kept asking her fiance if he had told the florist that she didn't want roses and that it shouldn't be too 'standard' or onbeat. When he spoke to the florist, she said: "Don't worry, I am making the bouquet, and I am not standard at all!" And she made a beautiful, spot-on bouquet.

Awww … I just love that story! (Also, check out the flowers on her dress and veil!)

Photo by Sarah Bek. Flowers by Rachel McCalla at Lucky You Productions, St. Louis, MO.

Alissa was having a lot of trouble finding someone who would do something a bit more forward-thinking and out-there for her post-punk playground wedding until she found Lucky You Productions and Rachel McCalla, a full service event planning company that does really adorable and environmentally friendly work in St. Louis. As a bonus, Alissa says Rachel was a lot of fun to work with.


Alissa was really committed to having fiddle ferns (there are little curlicues on the STD and invitation and it was a nice little visual echo of that). Rachel brought Alissa down to Florists Row in St. Louis to look things over together. It was a ton of fun, and things wound up being pretty different from what she was originally thinking, especially the dusky purple roses.

They ♥ OBB; we ♥ themThis post features Offbeat Vendors! Check out their vendor listing to see how they cater to Offbeat Brides:

If you had an kick ass bouquet (or bout or centerpiece or flowers in general), add the pics to our Flickr group and tag them with "flowers" so we can all enjoy!

  1. I've never thought of mixing non-floral things to a flower bouquet or seen a picture of a lady with both a parasol and a bouquet! I'm so excited that you featured both these ideas!

    • I work for a florist and we do a lot of weddings, and let me tell you – YES! We love it when we're given free rein. I can't tell you how sick I am of doing bride's bouquet in 18 white roses and 3 b'maids with 12 red roses each. I did four weddings in a row like that last year and it drove me nuts.

  2. Oooh, love these!! I felt totally stymied by what to look for in flowers. If green is hard to match, teal/turquoise/aqua (the color of the piping on my dress) is also a bear! Flowers just don't exist in that kind of blue. My brilliant florist suggested a bouquet of white sweet peas, which totally fit my personality, and which will be local/in season.

  3. I'm a bit of a flower lover but I'm also a MAJOR chilli junkie, so that bouquet with the roses and chillies may become my new inspiration. I wonder if an all chilli bouquet would work…

  4. I hope I can find such a cool florist, along with enough flowers that are at least a bit in season come my wedding day (November second). I love texture. Dahlias, ranunculus, coxcomb, fiddleheads, berries, I love it.
    I really want to try for mostly non-floral or minimal floral centerpieces, so I dream about my bouquet.

  5. After doing floral work for three years I pretty much just slapped together the bouquets for my wedding because I love the way bouquets are moving towards an almost wild look. I love waxflowers, thistles, hypericum berries, fiddleheads, and kangaro paws, and that first bouquet with the safari sunset (dark red things) is awesome! Sometimes I want to make a bouquet just for fun!

    • The Safari Sunset flowers are called Lucadendron, and you should just make bouquets for fun! Have you played with the pink waxflowers that smell like lemons? Yum!

  6. I'm a bit of a flower lover but I'm also a MAJOR chilli junkie, so that bouquet with the roses and chillies may become my new inspiration. I wonder if an all chilli bouquet would work…

    I am a flower lover and I grow lots of them in my garden:rose,lily, sunflowers or orchids. Yet I think rose is the best for wedding, especially rose with white color. Thanks

  7. Thank you so much for telling me the name of "those spiny little vine-stick-things" I've been in love with!

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