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After a couple of Offbeat Brides used Surroundings Bridal Accessories for their super awesome weddings, the designer Acadia decided to get on the Offbeat Bride sponsor train! Now I get to show off some of her amazing wedding accessories and hip you to a special Offbeat deal.

Surroundings Bridal Accessories is known for paper flowers, which range from realistic paper roses to flowers made from maps, sheet music or vintage book pages. But Acadia also makes one-of-a-kind, hand crafted bouquets, boutonnieres, fascinators, and wedding accessories from a variety of repurposed and vintage objects.

Keep reading to see some of my FAVORITE creative concoctions from Surroundings Bridal Accessories…

A boutonniere that includes guitar picks AND The Beatles makes me uber happy.

Acadia has this mindset when it comes to personalization:

I believe that your wedding accessories should be as unique as you are! I gather small tokens from everyday life for use in my work; things like vintage buttons, rhinestone jewelry, feathers, and lace. And of course, gears and sprockets, typewriter keys, bottle caps, stone skull charms, guitar picks and strings, and pretty much anything else that finds me and says “I would be beautiful in a bouquet!”
The base of this shell and feather bouquet just blew my mind. I've not seen something like that before.

Acadia has a large range of boutonniere and bouquet designs up her funky sleeves — ranging from natural looking bouquets to abstract designs — but she always works with each and every couple to design pieces that reflect your particular interests and hobbies. Surroundings Bridal Accessories will be your go-to vendor if you're throwing a theme wedding.

And who doesn't LOVE a peacock fascinator and veil combo!?

Surrounds Bridal Accessories is offering a free boutonniere with your bouquet purchase. Just mention Offbeat Bride when you contact Acadia for your order to get in on this deal.

Brides and grooms looking for wedding accessories with personality plus, get thee to Surrounds Bridal Accessories Etsy shop!

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Comments on Bouquets and boutonnieres dripping with personality from Surroundings Bridal Accessories

  1. I am sooooooooo glad you guys posted this. The guitar picks are perfect for my fiancé.

  2. Acadia is awesome. She made boutonnieres for our wedding. UPS did very stupid things with them (like trying to deliver them on Christmas Day, when I was at my parent’s place and then shutting down their offices completely for 3 days) and Acadia was instrumental in sorting things out with them.

    Beautiful work, and awesome customer service!

  3. The universe is strange… I just buy THAT exact peacock fascinator for my wedding last week and then Acadia is here, featured on Offbeatbride! hahaha

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