Gem stones, anchors, and secret messages: New exciting designs from Brent & Jess

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Chevron Fingerprint Wedding Ring in 14k Rose Gold
Chevron Fingerprint Wedding Ring in 14k rose gold

Okay, we know you love Brent & Jess fingerprint rings. Your enthusiasm made them go viral back in 2009, we keep seeing them popping up in your bride profiles, and even in our guests posts.

So what could be better than a visit with your favorite fingerprint rings? Fingerprint rings featuring Brent & Jess' new, exciting designs featuring gemstones, and secret messages…

Rings with colorful gemstones

Square Amazonite Unique Ring With YOUR Fingerprint
Square Amazonite Ring with your fingerprint

Those of you who aren't big on diamonds have gotta love Brent & Jess' collection of colorful gemstone engagement rings. It would be hard for me to choose between the chalcedony or the dark purple amethyst ring.

Rings with unexpected designs

You Are My Anchor Fingerprint Wedding Ring
You Are My Anchor Fingerprint Wedding Ring
What kind of unexpected detail would you like on your ring?

Rings with secret messages

Secret Message Fingerprint Ring in sterling silver
Secret Message Fingerprint Ring in sterling silver
We all fell in love with Brent & Jess' rings that included your handwriting and special messages. But now they have this awesome secret message ring with a tiny "I love you" woven into the fingerprint. D'awwwwwwww.

Ring sets that don't have to match!

One Wide Palladium Band and One Narrow 14k Yellow Gold Band
One Wide Palladium Band and One Narrow 14k Yellow Gold Band

Who made the rule that ring sets need to match? Your wedding bands can be as different as your fingerprints with Brent & Jess. They're all about different rings for different tastes.

Head over to Brent & Jess to discover all the awesome, secret, colorful, and unexpected designs that are waiting for you!

  1. This is cool. My engagement ring came to us through my husband's family, and although we know who wore it last we don't know if she was the first to do so. Did she and/or her husband buy it new, or was it, for them, already a beautiful ring that had a history of happily married couples? We'll probably never know, as the Hallmark is either worn off or the ring pre-dates Hallmarks. I've asked my husband's grandmother to write down what she remembers about her aunt and uncle so I can keep it somewhere safe and it can go with the ring to its next wearer ( hopefully in about a hundred years or more!).
    It's nice that these rings, if they later become family heirlooms, are so connected to an original couple and a time – I particularly like the option on their website to include a message of your own on the ring.

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