A braided faux hawk wedding look for a wild night

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo courtesy of On Stage Hair Design

If you like braids but want something a little edgier for your wedding, this faux hawk made from a Dutch (inside-out) braid is pretty rad. Click here to see the inspiration for this look. It can have a lot of height and looks really funky if you've got highlights or multicolored hair since it really highlights the braid itself. This is also one of those amazing hairstyles that's likely to last for a good number of hours and you don't have to worry about it going limp. (Insert obvious joke here.)

Photo courtesy of On Stage Hair Design

Cassidy from On Stage Hair Design created a version of this on a fiery mane that looks fantastic. It's just a matter of creating the Dutch braid, securing it at the bottom, and then pulling out the separate pieces without actually pulling the hair entirely out of the braid. You can see the rest of the tutorial here.

I also ran across this flat twist loc faux hawk from Chescalocs, which is similar in style, but with twists instead of a braid. LOVE!

If you're unfamiliar with Dutch braids, you can see the basics, courtesy of JustBebexo:

If you like this style, check out our full archive of mohawk-ed weddings including our faux hawk roundup.

  1. I LOVE this. I'm going to be in a wedding this fall… and my friend (the bride) loves braiding my hair… I think it'll have to happen.

  2. The pancake process (the pulling and flattening of bumps in the braid) works a lot better if you braid a few inches, pancake them, braid a few more, and so on. If you wait until the braid is finished, you'll pull a lot of hair, and it'll probably end up uncomfortable. The longer the hair, the worse this problem gets.

    I agree that the 4-strand round (Dutch) braid would be pretty much ideal for this.

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