Who wants to rock this fancy but informal & slightly sci-fi up ‘do?

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Photo courtesy of Crochet Clouds.

We're always looking for more and MOAR awesome moments in bridal hair explorations. This one's got some sci-fi undertones (think Padmé Amidala hair). And I'd LOVE to see this rocked with some funky fascinators.

Check out Crochet Cloud's great tutorial on how to achieve this double braided bun up ‘do, for those of you looking for something fancy but informal.

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Comments on Who wants to rock this fancy but informal & slightly sci-fi up ‘do?

  1. Love this!! Too bad my wedding already happend, I would have totally rocked this. You should feature more hair and makeup tutorials.

  2. LOVE IT!!!! <3

    My hair is pretty short now, but I might grow it out again just so I can do this in a few years time! =D

  3. Zomg! It’s everything I want in an updo with none of the suck. Wedding hair solved

  4. she has got very thick hair though… so it wouldn’t quite look like that on me

  5. Holy shit, you guys. I’ve been quietly freaking out about what to do with my thirty inches of hair, and this might just be the ticket. Now to experiment and see if it makes my enormous head look even enormouser.

  6. YAY! I think that I found my wedding hair style! I have a bitchin’ fascinator already, so now I need to test whether this will work on my head. Thanks!

  7. I have long, super-fine (as in thin, not fiiiiine 😉 hair too and would LOVE something like this. At the risk of being a little unnecessary, I’m thinking of getting some extensions to wrap my hair around, so it looks thicker. Hard to say… but I second the request for MOAR HAIR!

  8. I love this. I might just try it this weekend as a way to keep my hair up and out of my face! I looked at some of her other hair tutorials too, fabulous!!!!

    And I will add my voice too…more hair!!!

  9. I agree with some of the other ladies – I have long hair and this would be nice just to wear to work some days! 😀

  10. Totally had to try this immediately, I wear my hair in dutch braids all the time so this was an easy variation. Still working on perfecting it and getting a good bun to stay put, but LOVE IT!

  11. ooh me I want to rock that hair! I’m going to practice this and see how I like it, but it already has the Sister Stamp of Approval!

  12. My hairstylist created an amazing side bun with two french fish braids. One across the front and then one across the back with the remaining hair.

    It was the only way to tame my waist length thick hair into a reasonable updo without damaging my hair for which I am very grateful.

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