Are there any awesome statement bracelets for larger wrists?

Bracelets for larger wrists
Brain Brass Cuff from JezebelCharms
Offbeat Bride has been an immense help as we've planned our wedding, but I'm still left with one dilemma. I've been looking for some kind of statement bracelet to wear, but they never fit my large wrists! I would LOVE to find a gender neutral bracelet that shows personality and fits large wrists.

Ideally, for me, that would mean something vegan-friendly with some kind of bookish, science-y, and/or vintage vibe. I'm open to all sorts of suggestions, though!

I don't think we've ever heard a request for this before, and I guarantee this is an issue for lots of us. finding bracelets to fit larger wrists can be a doozy. I did some digging to find a few that could work. Adjustable bracelets, cuffs, and stretchable bracelets will also provide a larger selection. Here are some bracelets for larger wrists that might work for you…

(Note: lots of these can be made in custom sizes, too!)

Bracelets for large wrists
Crystal bracelet (custom size) from MissJoansBridal
bracelets for larger wrists
Super Mario bracelet from OkamiLabs
Plus size bracelets
Teal Agate Statement Cuff from KATROXWEARATTITUDE
Bracelets for larger wrists
Science Bracelet from GatheringCharms
Plus size bracelets
Plus size beaded bracelets from kwenjewelry
Bracelets for large wrists
Victorian Adjustable Heart Bracelet from LeilaNicoleDesigns
Plus size bracelets
The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth bracelet from JustDuckieDesigns
Bracelets for large wrists
Royston Turquoise Cuff from SimplyBoldJD
Plus size bracelets
"You're the Sherlock to my Watson" from
Bracelets for large wrists
Rhinestone Beaded Bracelet from
Bracelets for larger wrists
Custom Made Leather Bracelet from Masktastic (not vegan-friendly, though!)
Plus size bracelets
Vintage pear ruby bracelet from BellaDAndalora

  1. I went to a local leather shop today to get a bracelet custom-made. Why not check local artists and ask really nicely if they'd be willing to use faux leather for you. You could even offer to get the basic material and deliver it to them. The shop itself might not be vegan-friendly but your product will be – and the artist might consider using more animal-friendly materials in the future.

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