From fashion consulting to disaster management: 4 ways Boston's Creative Wedding Solutions can rescue your wedding

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Creative Wedding Solutions - Blue Table
Indoor wildflower garden wedding for a boho-chic bride.
Once upon a time, Mauryn of Creative Wedding Solutions thought she was "not the marrying type" because she couldn't picture herself as a traditional bride. Then one day she realized that actually she was the marrying type… she'd just never seen herself reflected in a traditional weddings ideas. When she found out her best friend Jaime felt the same way, they thought: "The next logical thing to do was to start a company that would cater to people like us!" Thus, Creative Wedding Solutions was born!

Our sponsor Creative Wedding Solutions is a Boston-based wedding planning company that specializes in crafting your wedding, from creating an artistic vision to handling the nitty gritty logistics.

East Coast brides, if you want a wedding planner that fits your lifestyle and gives you a special discount, allow me to officially introduce you to the many ways Creative Wedding Solutions can be of service.

Multi-colored wedding reception at the Three Sister Sanctuary.
Multi-colored wedding reception at the Three Sister Sanctuary.

1. With their event planning services

Creative Wedding Solutions' wedding planning packages range from full service wedding planning to emergency services.

In emergency situations we can help you get everything back on track as much as possible. Whatever the bind you find yourself in, we'll help you get things straightened out, and will work with you to make sure that your wedding day is as beautiful and fun as it can be.

They also have a green weddings package, that's all about helping to plan your shindig in entirely eco-conscious ways. Oh, and in addition to being eco-friendly, they're also totally totally LGBT-friendly.

The centerpieces from Mary and Carl's wedding were books they love, bottles from their home bar, and inspired by their love for travel.
The centerpieces from Mary and Carl's wedding were books they love, bottles from their home bar, and inspired by their love for travel.

2. With their design services

Creative Wedding Solutions offers design services that include theme and concept design, wedding decor, as well as custom stationery design.

We'll learn about your personalities, color choices, style, hobbies (and as many details as you are happy to share!), and infuse them into our design plan. We can help you express your unique personalities in everything from your ceremony and reception venues, to your reception table centerpieces, and invitation stationery.
Do us all a favor and snag this amazing veil of theirs!
Do us all a favor and snag this amazing veil of theirs!

3. With their fashion consulting

Having a hard time planning what you'll wear? You're not a freaking fashion guru? Thank gawd Creative Wedding Solutions offers personal styling services. They'll help you and your entire wedding party figure out what to wear. Creative Wedding Solutions also does gown rentals as part of their green initiative. One-stop shopping, y'all!

Castle fantasy wedding ceremony for a Princess Bride.
Castle fantasy wedding ceremony for a Princess Bride.

4. With their special discount

OFFBEAT DISCOUNT: Creative Wedding Solutions will happily give you a 15% discount if you mention that you found them through Offbeat Bride!

From "WTF do I wear?" to "dancing the night away without a care" — Creative Wedding Solutions can help New England brides with just about ANY aspect of their weddings. Have a question? Need some help? Was there a last-minute disaster that you just can't even begin to manage? Contact Creative Wedding Solutions ASAP!

  1. What an awesome idea for a company! I think I really would have hired them if they were in the UK. Sad times.

  2. Hi Loubelou! Thanks so much for your kind words :)! Hopefully at some point we will be able to travel too far out beautiful places like the UK :)! In between now and then, we are sending you many good wishes and congratulations, as you plan your offbeat wedding :)!
    Mauryn and Jaime

        • Oh very cool! Maybe you can come out to our studio launch :)! We got a studio last year and have been working on having it ready for a launch, so if you wanna come let me know and I will send you an invitation! Some food, drinks, cool people and just a fun night to celebrate our opening! Would love to have you if you are interested so let me know :)! Could be lots of fun! Cheers and thanks again fro the support!

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