Boston's Without A Hitch will save you from unfun wedding day tasks

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Boston unique day-of wedding coordinator via @offbeatbride
Photo by Stephen Speranza
If there's one vendor I personally know I'd LOVE to have on my side on a wedding day, it's a day-of coordinator. A wedding planner whose specialty is day-of coordination knows exactly how to get shit done and let you enjoy your wedding day without the stress of doing it all yourself. That's where our rad sponsor, Boston-based Without A Hitch comes in to tame all your wedding day fears and allow you the freedom to still be your offbeat selves.

Sarah and her team will meet with you before the wedding day to help you figure things out AND make sure everything actually goes to plan. What they won't do is tell you how to plan your wedding or tell you how things should be done. They totally mesh with offbeat couples and will be so on board with your ideas, trust us.

Boston unique day-of wedding coordinator via @offbeatbride
Photo by Stacie Kirkwood Photography

In case the concept of a day-of coordinator is new to you or you're not even sure what they'd do to help, here are some things that Without A Hitch will take care of that you'll be SO happy you won't have to worry about doing on your wedding day. Can I get an "amen" for focusing more on looking rad, dancing it out, and snogging your partner all night instead?!

  • They're another "you" on the day-of: No worrying about whether a vendor has arrived or handling the caterer's questions. They'll be fielding all of that.
  • Setup: Plans are executed just as you envision it. And if things go wrong, you probably won't even know it's being taken care of.
  • Cleanup: No one wants to load gifts and leftovers and decor into the car at the end of the night. They'll do all that grunt work.
  • Anything else you can think of: They've pinned boutonnieres, acted as an usher, served as a bodyguard to keep pushy guests away, stood next to the couple and whispered to them how to cut the cake (seriously, does anyone already know how to do this?), and a million other small things.
Boston unique day-of wedding coordinator via @offbeatbride

Oh, and here's one bride who was definitely happy to have all of this off of her plate:

Having Nicole there took a tremendous amount of stress off my shoulders, and I trusted her completely. She went above and beyond my expectations for making my wedding day happen! She helped decorate the space based on specific details I had envisioned, and she made my vision come to life. My wedding day was the best day of my life, and I truly owe it to Without A Hitch. – Katie H., Bride

Boston unique day-of wedding coordinator via @offbeatbride
Photo by Black Thumb Studio

Check out this kick-ass discount Without A Hitch has for us!

Special discount for Offbeat Bride readers:

Get a 10% discount for any readers who mention they heard about Without A Hitch through Offbeat Bride!

Boston unique day-of wedding coordinator via @offbeatbride
Photo by Elizabeth Bradford Photography

Are you ready to lift a huge weight off of your shoulders and let someone else help you manage your wedding day so you and your guests can max out the funnage? Get in touch with Sarah and her amazing crew of Boston day-of coordinators.

  1. Without a Hitch Boston is amazing! Can't recommend them enough. They just coordinated our library wedding last weekend and we have gotten so many compliments on how wonderful everything was. It would not have been possible without Sarah and Nicole!

  2. Wish I could find a Wedding Coordinator this awesome in Melbourne, Australia.

    Rad buisness name btw 🙂

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