An ode to wedding booze canoes

Updated Oct 12 2015

You know why I love Offbeat Bride readers? Because it's completely NOT uncommon for y'all to fill up an entire boat with fucking alcohol. Like, that's just a thing you people do now. Even one of our own staffers did this at her wedding! Gawd luv ya.

Not sure what I'm talking about, or just want to see photos of boats filled with booze? Check this out…

The Booze Canoe

Photo from Chris & Jeremy's lakeside family reunion wedding.  Photo by Alec Vanderboom Photographic Services
Photo from Chris & Jeremy's lakeside family reunion wedding. Photo by Alec Vanderboom Photographic Services

Jeremy's dad was super into the idea of our booze canoe. In fact, I'm pretty sure he was the one who suggested it. One day, Jeremy texted to say his dad wanted to know what our wedding colors were. "We don't have wedding colors," I said. "What does he want to know that for?"

"He wants to know what color to paint it."

"…Jeremy. Please tell your dad he does not have to paint the goddamn canoe."

The Beer Boat

Photo by Sierra Smith Photography
From Anya & Dillon's Grand Canyon bluegrass beer boat bash. Photo by Sierra Smith Photography

My employers lent us all of the tables, water coolers, and beer coolers we needed.

One friend lent us a 18' raft, which we promptly inflated on the rim of the canyon and filled with copious amounts of local and craft beers. All hail the beer boat!

The Canoe Cooler

Canoe Cooler
From Christa and Jesse's wedding. Photo by T. Kevin Birch Photography

This one even lit up at night…

It's a canoe filled with alcohol!!
Photo by frequentlywong

Now who else is dusting off their canoes, rafts, and boats, and using them to get their guests drunk?

  1. I had a canooler at my wedding! It was a big hit.
    My dad was obsessed with making sure there was enough ice, so he rented a refrigerated trailer full of it! I don't know how much it ended up taking.

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