Save the Date bookmarks do more than just help you save the date!

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Tribe member Deedster‘s Save the Dates, made by Etsy seller House of Hazelnut, will not only help your guests save the date, but they'll also save something else…

They'll also save your guest's place in whatever book they're reading, since they do double duty as bookmarks! Oh, the English major/book lover in me just LOOOOVES these.

The back of the bookmark/Save the Date has all the pertinent information, and is also totally adorable. This is probably one of my favorite ideas for convenient Save the Dates — give me an invitation that does double duty as something I can use, and I'll more than likely not lose it in the mess that is my home.

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Comments on Save the Date bookmarks do more than just help you save the date!

  1. We did bookmarks as part of our invite, but so wish we’d thought of it as our Save the Date. GREAT idea, and beautiful product!

  2. That’s my birthday! And those are a great idea. My bookworm future wifey would have loved that. Too,late. Just mailed out invites. Maybe as thank you’s, with a pic from the wedding on them.

    • What a great idea! We still haven’t done our thank you’s either… mwahahaha.

      P.S. Is anyone else getting a blank screen when they press the “Connect with Facebook” button, or is that just my retarded computer?

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