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These custom paper flower wedding bouquets are from Etsy seller TreeTownPaper

This week we're paying homage to the academics, the bookworms, the card-carrying library loiterers, and the literati among our readers. Last week we got to peek at some literary wedding invitations that totally whet my appetite for this theme week. We're showcasing bookish wedding ideas including decor made from book pages, bookish cake toppers, table numbers from vintage books, and even a Scrabble cake!

If you're worried about destroying books to make these? Librarians would like you to know it's not only OK to kill books for crafts projects… when you go for book-destroying bookish wedding ideas and crafts, you're actually doing them a favor.

Jane Austen wedding invitations
Literary wedding seating chart


What if instead of rice, people tossed book confetti made from decommissioned library books? Literary AND biodegradable!


Adorable bookish cake toppers. Source:


Library book wedding invitations


Vintage books as table numbers from Etsy
Another take on table numbers — this time with pop-up type! Source:
Book page hair comb
Sweet mini booklet place cards.
Edgar Allen Poe pages wedding bouquet
This bibliophile mobile is amazing! Source: via Julie on Pinterest


A dictionary guest book: circle words that will remind the couple of the wedding day. D'aww! Source: via Michelle on Pinterest
This garland is made from book pages!

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Comments on Bookish wedding ideas for all of you bibliophiles [UPDATED!]

  1. We’re having a literary themed wedding.
    I spoke to my local charity bookshop who gave me two huge bags full of books they wouldn’t/couldn’t sell for various reasons in return for a donation.

    The books were going to go unread or scrapped anyway so I don’t feel bad giving them new life at our wedding!

  2. I’m actually planning to purchase new copies of my favorite books to deface for wedding decor. The way I see it, if I buy more copies of the book, my beloved authors (or their estates) make more money for their awesome work. 😀

  3. Yes, it makes me so sad to see perfect condition vintage books with paint all over them, using them for decoration I love, but cutting them and painting, writing all over them, it just breaks my heart- poor books.

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