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Paging all book nerds: An Offbeat Bride reader got a little crafty for her Lord of the Rings-themed wedding and created a book-quet! Instead of carrying flowers down the aisle, she and her bridesmaids attached flowers to ribbons, and tied 'em around their favorite book. It's a wedding BOOKquet.

It's nerdy and brilliant and all the good things… and you should totally steal the idea.

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Comments on Book + Bouquet = a wedding BOOKquet

  1. This is perfect! I love it! Can I steal this idea please? And we could use bookmarks in the boutonnieres! It would all match out book-themed tables, and I feel happier about spending money on books than on flowers 🙂

  2. Geek is the new cool, and this is another terrific display of this new floral designing trend. I loved the way the ribbons tied everything together in a very appealing way.

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