Bold brides see red when it comes to wedding dresses

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I was interviewed by a Canadian newspaper for an article about the red wedding dress trend: Bold brides see red when it comes to wedding dresses.

fas_wedding_2091.jpg“I'm not saying that all nontraditional weddings should be reactionary, or that your wedding is a place to be rebellious,” the Seattle-based writer told the Georgia Straight. “But I think red wedding dresses are a superficial expression of a deeper commitment to doing what you want to do. The woman wearing it shows that she's willing to do what she wants to do, and take on the challenges and criticism that comes with that.”

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Comments on Bold brides see red when it comes to wedding dresses

  1. Red is a very traditional color in Indian weddings. Though Indian brides often do pick other colors, the default one is red.

  2. I love that I found this. I’ve been dying to wear a red sari to my wedding, and on telling people…all family and friends have been incredibly supportive. “Go for it! Whatever, it’s your day, do what you want!”. I look fantastic in red.

    (And no, red saris are in no way part of my German/English heritage!)

  3. I chose to wear red because white makes me look like a jet puffed marshmallow! Red slims me and I have a pinkish skin tone that makes red look amazing on me. In my family though I’ve had problems, since red usually meant in olden days ‘harlot’ or ‘saloon girl’. That color was reserved for ‘scarlet women’- unclean, dishonored, outcast, etc women. And my German family is really upset with me for choosing a red dress with black bridesmaid dresses. But I hate pastels and going along with what my family deems traditional. I say Get rid of traditions! Follow your heart or head and go with it-Whatever it may be! We all KICK-ASS!

  4. I am also wearing red- not because I wanted to rebel- but because I wanted to be ME- I’m not a white dress kinda girl- and plus I look GOOD in red:) I actually am wearing a Justin Alexander dress very similar to the one in the photo! I say do what makes you happy!

  5. I don’t consider myself so much an offbeat person in life, altough deep down I aspire to be. So as tradition goes I did buy the traditional wedding dress, and then found this website. After seeing all the beautiful red wedding dresses and thinking about how my wedding should be about what I want, I went and got a red wedding dress to wear! 🙂 I love it! It is more fun and us as a family too, besides I really look terrible in white! My mom found out that the dress is red and kinda crinkled her nose, but you know what, that is fine. My bridsmaids and kids love it and can not wait for the wedding, because not only am I wearing red, but it now a non traditional wedding, it is a rock-a-billy themed wedding and everyone can be who they are! Thank You so much for this blog site, it gives a lot of girls like me the insiration to break out of the norm that we have tried to do for everyone and be ourself and know that we are not alone.

  6. It's rebellious, because it's not traditional. Traditional is considered white. Rebellious is ok too. Rebellious doesn't have to mean breaking laws, just traditions.

  7. I just bought a red dress for our wedding. I was feeling so disheartened as all the images I come across are (totally gorgeous but not me) white weddings.
    Search “red dress” here and BOOM! ALL THE RED DRESSES!

    Thank you Off Beat Bride for keeping me enthusiastic about being me!

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