Bold brides see red when it comes to wedding dresses

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I was interviewed by a Canadian newspaper for an article about the red wedding dress trend: Bold brides see red when it comes to wedding dresses.

fas_wedding_2091.jpg“I'm not saying that all nontraditional weddings should be reactionary, or that your wedding is a place to be rebellious,” the Seattle-based writer told the Georgia Straight. “But I think red wedding dresses are a superficial expression of a deeper commitment to doing what you want to do. The woman wearing it shows that she's willing to do what she wants to do, and take on the challenges and criticism that comes with that.”

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  1. My cousin wore a gorgeous red wedding dress, and it was the first time many in our family had seen one. But it fit her perfectly, and I think your comments decribe her attitude perfectly.

    • Ive been trying to find a red dress since November! Where did she find hers?!

  2. while red is definitely a bold and beautiful color for a wedding dress, I’m confused as to why it’s the assumed choice for someone looking for a colored outfit. Or that it’s assumed she’s being “rebellious”. Some girls just don’t look good in white and want something else, what’s so rebellious about that? I’m a big fan of the orange and teal dresses I’ve seen in the flickr pool, how’s that for unexpected!

  3. I totally agree, and I am very excited and proud of my choice of a red gown! ^_^

    And, Scunshine, anything NOT white or ivory is a rebellious choice of gown color in North American culture.
    That’s why off-beat brides kick so much ass! (Especially those who are lucky enough to have off-beat grooms ^_^)

  4. so if someone goes with a pale blue dress that’s considered rebellious too?

    maybe I’ve just been looking at offbeat bride sites and in the “alternative” category for too long because honestly that seems rather tame to me 😛
    and it would definitely depend on the family. I was okay with a white dress because it was the only time I would ever pull it off, but my family expected something else from me entirely. so I was offbeat for myself by going with tradition, lol.

  5. I’m going with a red wedding dress, not because I want to be ‘rebellious’ or what have you, but because I adore dark red gowns, and have always wanted to get married in red.

    Also, I do NOT look good in white.

    • I am in THE SAME BOAT but am having a horrible time finding a red gown…Where have you found some?

  6. I attended a bridal show in Columbus, OH recently, and told the person at a dress booth that I was planning on getting married in red. His response? “OH! Color is SO in this year!” He went on to tell me that he had a all black bridal party in the fashion show, and that he sold 9 black bridal dresses on the first day of the show.

    Strangely, I think I may have decided upon a white-ish dress… although I feel like I’m not a good little offbeat bride if I decide on the white frock!

  7. Pfft: there’s no such thing as a good little offbeat bride! Wear white, wear black, wear nothing — offbeat is a frame of mind, not necessarily a color choice.

  8. I wore white because I never do, so it was a pretty offbeat thing for me to do! I also discovered that the white wedding dress became popular in the Victorian era, when the color was known to symbolize purity of heart.

  9. I’m wearing red because white looks awful on me, I’m too pale and my hair is too dark. I’ve always looked better in red. I’ve always dreamed of having ruby slippers. My grandmother wore pink to her wedding in the 1930s. The fact is, this is my second marriage and we’ve been living together for almost 8 years; wearing white, pretending to be pure, would be dishonest, in my opinion.

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