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January 29 2008 | arielmstallings
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Blurb photo bookRemember how in October I wrote about Blurb's wedding books? Well, as part of the promotion, Blurb let me try out their services for a free wedding book all my own.

Now, I made wedding books for my friends and family after our wedding in 2004, but I'd never actually made one for myself. I just knew the technology would get better, so I figured I'd hold off. And so, last month I finally sat down with Blurb's photobook software and made my own wedding book. If you want to hear about how it went and see how it looked (ooh, and get a discount to try it yourself), keep on reading.

Blurb photo bookI loved the way the books turned out. They're hard-cover with a nice, richly printed dust jacket. I got to control what went on pretty much every surface of the book, and was happy with all the different page templates I had to chose from. There were tons of layout options, everything from all text to all photos.

As you can see from my photos, the print quality is great. The text is crisp and clean. The paper is substantial and feels good in your hand, and the photos look great.

Blurb photo bookMy only complaints were that the Booksmart software, which you use to layout and upload your book, has a few little bugs. To be expected, I suppose: it's still in beta. And none of the bugs were anything that kept me from getting the book I wanted … but I had a couple moments of confusion.

All told though, I'm super stoked by the end result. In fact, I'm even thinking of using Blurb to make an Offbeat Bride coffee table book with pictures wedding pictures from the brides profiled here on the website. The quality of the books are just beautiful!

If you'd like to give it a shot, Blurb is offering an Offbeat Discount of $5 off any order over $30. Just use the discount code offbeat5. The offer expires at the end of March 2008. Go give 'em a try!

  1. What a great idea! Now I don't have to feel like I can't get a wedding book because I'm not going with an expensive photograher.

  2. I've used blurb to make photo gift books for my future mother-in-law, full of mother-and-son pictures, and am working on another one to capture my nana's life. THere are some minor bugs in the new beta version, but overall its VERY user-friendly. There's a bunch of other companies/websites where you can "self-publish" books or photo books. is one, but it doesnt have the layout and text options that blurb does.

  3. Love the idea of the OBB coffee table book. You could use the network to source even more pictures! We want details, details, details in the (wedding) porn! If you wait until July I'll definitely submit my photos for consideration! :o)

  4. Bookmarked! I checked out blurb with your original post, and it looks sweet. Hopefully they will appreciate the business you send and renew their discount in the future for those of us tying the knot after March. Although i am tempted to have a fake wedding just so i can check it out. :o)

  5. How did the back cover turn out? I remember some companies put the barcode in a certain place and sometimes that place is on a crucial part of the photo.

  6. Great question, Angel. There IS a small barcode on the back cover, in the bottom right corner. I chose to put our vows on the back cover (no photograph) so it didn't interfere, but it's true that if you had a photo with something going on in the way bottom right corner, you would have a bar code involved.

  7. I think Blurb is great. I have been testing out different book/alblum companies. From pro only to Blurb. I really liked the Blurb software compared to some of the others I have tested. The prices are great and the print quality is pretty awesome for the price!

  8. I LOVE Blurb! I am a photographer trying to figure out how to provide my brides with my affordable pricing and still include an album if they wish….sooooo I decided to make one of these books as a gift for my (soon to be) in-laws with all the family portraits I have taken of them over the past couple years. I used the hard back book as well, and I was really impressed with the quality for the price. I also know that a lot of photographers are offering these books and making big profit since they are so affordable. Not to mention that they don’t take much time to "design" and delivery time is pretty fast!
    Oh an idea for the other brides out there : I will be making photo books for all my bridesmaids as my bridal party gift to them with Blurb!

  9. My friend Kevin works for Blurb. Its an awesome gift to give to family members after the wedding, and so much nicer than just one picture.

  10. We made these and gave them as part of our thank you gifts to our families, siblings, etc. Since we used the cheapest option, they came out cheaper than just printing 4X6's of our favorite shots would have (and then I would have needed to buy albums, put them all in, etc). We were really impressed, and I plan to make one for each of my girls each year.

  11. So cool. I downloaded the software to play with when you first posted about this, and I think it's the way we're going to go. Most of our wedding pictures will just be on our own digital camera, anyway.

  12. I acutally offer that to my brides after engagement photo sessions! put a thick white boarder around the engagement pics or do lined sheets! Awesome idea…cheaper than most guest books out there too!

  13. I was so curious about those books. Thanks for sharing! The coupon works perfectly with our wedding date coming up this March. YAY!!!!

  14. Thanks for this! I actually downloaded that software ages ago but still haven't gotten around to going through the massive amount of photos taken. That's my goal for February and I feel a lot better about using Blurb!

  15. I just got mine in the mail today and it is awesome! Now I just have to figure out how many people besides us actually want a 50 page book of photos from our wedding 🙂

  16. I recently created a gorgeous guest book from a bride's engagement images and highly recommend this site to any DIY brides who have access to the digital files.

  17. after reading about blurb here, my husband and i used them to make our wedding book and they turned out gorgeous! people we really didn't expect even want copies of our big day!

    thank you thank you!

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