Check out the steamiest photos at this geothermal Iceland wedding

February 11 2015 | mswolfgang  
Photos by: Photos by Miss Ann
Wedding hugs in Iceland
Photos by Photos by Miss Ann

You had me at "sunrise wedding in Iceland." Chloe and Danny, from Bristol, England, said their vows in front of 13 wedding guests at Thingvellir National Park last November. I am loving the smiles on everyone's faces — even in the midst of what looks like some pretty serious wind and rain! Check out what happens to that umbrella, wow! (Well, you know I love rainy weddings.)

The couple strolled around downtown Reykjavik, then took off to the Krysuvik-Seltun geothermal area for some, ahem, steamy wedding photos (oh, I had to).

Chloe and Danny and their guests capped the night off with a cozy, candlelit dinner at their hotel, along with some traditional kransakaka cake (or kransekake or kransekage). I love that they skipped down to the famous Blue Lagoon for a 1 a.m. photoshoot too!

Bluehaired bride getting ready

Blue wedding braids

White wedding boots

Openbacked longsleeved gown

Small rainy ceremony

Gray coat white bouquet clear umbrella

Windy rainy smiles

Walk to the ceremony site

White starry wedding lantern

Bride walks down windy rainy aisle

Groom waiting for bride

Billowing train

Windy waterfall wedding

Iceland wedding kisses

Rainy hugs and giggles


Rainy kiss reflection

Off the beaten path

White wedding boot wedges

Seltun Krysuvik

Steamy wedding walk

Iceland ponies

Small hotel reception

Kransaka cake II

Kransaka cake I

Candlelit formal dinner

Midnight lantern walk


Photography: Photos by Miss Ann • Venue: Northern Lights Inn • Wedding planner: Iceland Wedding Planner

  1. WOW, not that I didn't already want to go to Iceland, now I am wishing I could marry my love there too! I love these pictures, and the bride's hair !!!!

  2. She looks like a snow queen. Surprised there isn't snow! Love how the wind plays with her dress. What a unique wedding idea.

  3. This is great! I visited Iceland several years ago, and I kind of really want to return. Thingvellir National Park is beautiful, and as an extra bonus for Game of Thrones fans, it was used pretty heavily in several scenes last season. What a wonderful place for a wedding!

    I also loooove the boots.

  4. Oh WOW the wind makes that dress look absolutely incredible! I mean, it's a lovely dress anyway, but the way the wind is picking it up and blowing it around gives it such dynamism!

  5. Wow, I never comment on weddings, just quietly appreciate them, but WOW, this was stunning! The bride's dress, her hair, the groom waiting for her, holy crap! And with exactly four months to go till my wedding, I'm really really wishing we were going with a group of four or five people to Iceland to get married in front of a waterfall. So so beautiful! Big congrats to the happy couple!

  6. Oh man, this wedding/these people are gorgeous, but I have been to Thingvellir National Park and it smells SO BAD. I can't imagine having a ceremony there. Anyway, Iceland is beautiful, the couple is beautiful, Icelandic horses are beautiful.

    • Hello! You might be a tadbit confused between locations… Thingvellir is a park that has no geothermal activity no smell. There were no compliants from the guests or the bride and groom in regards to the smell at Thingvellir. The other spot on their wedding adventure agenda was Seltun and that DOES smell like sulfur (geothermal boiling mud pots). Thanks!

  7. I've always wanted to visit Iceland and this only makes me want to go even more! Those photos are to die for! Great job with every little detail of your wedding!

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