Blue wedding shoes that make me pee myself a little

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scalloped shoesToday I'm launching a new feature on Offbeat Bride, dedicated to all things superficial and shoe-whorish.

This is basically just my excuse to geek out on shoes that I have no excuse to wear.

Be forewarned: I like my shoes loud.

My favorite shoes are Fluevogs, which tells you everything you need to know.

I'm kicking off the new feature with a few of my favorite blue wedding shoes. Bright blue shoes can add a snarl of HEY NOW! when seen peeking out from underneath a white gown — and if you're going balls-out and coordinating with a blue wedding dress or colored crinoline? LOOK OUT, MAMACITA!

And so, without further ado, let's dork out on some blue shoes together, yes? To learn more about a given pair of shoes, just click on 'em below:

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  1. I stumbled across Off-beat Bride while looking for pre-lim wedding ideas, then I went out and got the book. I have evolved to RSS Feeds and am checking in all day everyday. I can't tell you how in my head you have been. My obsession this week is shoes and just went crazy trying to locate BLUE SHOES 1st shoe 2nd row and 3rd shoe 2nd row are absolutely perfect!!!!! I love you more and more everyday OBT! Thank yo.

  2. Excellent feature! In the next installment could you include more flats/very low heels? I definitely want to wear blue shoes at my wedding next year, but I don't wear heels and have been having difficulty finding blue flats that I love.

    • Absolutely! I made a point to include 3 flats in this series, but will make a point to have more flats (and even chucks!) in future OMG SHOETH! posts. 🙂

    • hey alissa – an idea. Payless Shoes has a simple blue flat right now. My plan is to get that and then buy some custume earings or broch etc. to decorate it to my own taste. I've been on the search for the perfect blue flat for a while and it drives me crazy how few there are and how expensive those few are!

  3. oh em gee those are gorgeous especially the leopard pair and the ones with the huge flowers right above them!

  4. They solve the whole something borrowed, something new, something blue saying. For those brides walking the thin line between tradition and offbeat.

  5. They're so gorgeous! I've always loved those Vivienne Westwood shoes but I didn't know they came in blue, my favourite shade as well. 😀
    When it comes to bold shoes though it's all about irregular choice! I've also got a bit of a love for Red or Dead, unique and glamorous? Yes please. It certainly helps that they originally set up shop in my favourite shopping centre in my home town, Affleck's Palace.

  6. I love the second pair so much! I actually ordered them as my wedding shoes, but alas the heel was too high and I had to return them (for me, it would be tough to dance in them all night).
    Some info for anyone looking to order this pair – I think the heel is higher than actually marked, maybe five inches. They are super cute in person, though, and actually have a sparkle to them. Also, the sizing runs pretty true, maybe even a little big.

  7. I got the BEST pair of blue, 50s retro shoes from 9 west. They have 5 different shades of blue in bands from the top to the bottom of the shoe. Just too AWESOME. I LOVE them.[email protected]/3995810… (taken with my cell phone of course)

    My main issue now is finding a pair of cool blue flats to wear when the dancing gets crazy. If you find any cool blue flats….well, I can't wait to see that post.

    Thanks for your great site…I am an offbeat momma too, YAY

    • Oh my god, those are nearly identical in style to the Louboutin rip-off blue-shaded-shoes that I squeeled like a girl about in this OBT post:

      If I had found those I would have snapped them up in a heartbeat. Do they still exist, do you know? Or have the style #? One can never go wrong with multi-shaded blue shoes!

      • I found them in June of this year at a nine west outlet. I have never been able to find them on the internet. I will check the style number when I get home and post an additional reply. I have found these on the 'net which are similar to both styles.

        I hope this helps!

  8. My poor husband will not like this new OBB feature. I already hunted down and bought a pair of pink mary janes I saw on a featured bride a few months ago that I just HAD to have. This just makes it too easy!

  9. I'm wearing bright blue bandolino heeled sandals for my ceremony and switching into blue converse for the reception! I love shoes!

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