Blue wedding dress + tricorn hat = headsplody!

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This post is strictly superficial. I must goo all over myself about ZOMG I LOVE KEZIA'S OUTFIT … especially that tricorn hat!


Wow. I'm having a headsplody moment over the whole shebang, and things just got crazier when after a little research I found that of course the tricorn is by Topsy Turvy (an OBB fave!) and that the dress was made by the mother of the bride. SRSLY!

I'm hoping to have the full story on Kezia & David's London wedding soon, but in the meantime many thanks to London photographer Marcus T for the photo — if you want to see more of Kezia & David's wedding, head on over to his website!

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  1. Holy effing Mary!! That’s so fantastic I can’t even think. ….

    If I ever have another wedding in another life or something, I am totally stealing this look!

    Good lord.

  2. Where’s my thesaurus?! Can’t find the words! Too fabulous! I wish I could see her shoes better – they look pretty great, too. (And why wouldn’t they be?) Wow.

  3. Ms. Kezia was an absolute delight to design a hattie for! She supplied the most exquisite materials I had ever seen – just swoon-worthy.
    Wait to you see her custom shoes-GAAAAWWW-I DIE!!!

  4. This is far the best wedding site I’ve peeped at! We’re also going to be hosting a wedding a la “Offbeat”, Pin-Up galore! Can’t wait!

  5. Absolutely stunning! She looks like Dita von Teese – and I LOVES me some Dita!

  6. Thanks everyone for your sweet comments. I will send the rest of the details to Ariel ASAP.

    Believe it or not, this is not a themed wedding. I hang out alot on the London retro/burlesque/ dress -up scene, so the guests needed no encouragement! My husband’s usual weekend attire consists of top hat and frockcoat, and I wore my wedding corset hat and boots out again last weekend!

    • Kezia,
      You looked absolutely beautiful on your day! I would love to know the pattern for this dress because a lady at my work wants me to make her a wedding dress in red for her Christmas wedding. She is in love with your blue dress. I'm going to suggest a little red velvet for the shoulder straps and make it an original keepsake for her, just as your Mother did. Hopefully, I'll be able to make my daughter's dress when her day comes.
      Thank you.

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