Blue shoes, for weddings and other weird days [UPDATED for 2022!]

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Over the past six weeks, I've been working my way through a rainbow of shoe colors. In my final week of working through the most basic spectrum, it's time to focus on blue shoes.

Blue shoes are actually not uncommon at all for weddings — lots of brides who are going for the “something old, something new” tradition use them as their “something blue.”

That said, I'm doubting the majority of brides would rock some of the loud-ass blue shoes I'm about to feature… which is why they're perfect for you, Offbeat Brides!

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Comments on Blue shoes, for weddings and other weird days [UPDATED for 2022!]

  1. With the glasses post AND the blue shoes post, half my outfit is now planned.

  2. I wore blue shoes to my wedding (to match my blue dress) that I spent a few hours on bedazzling the heel. I almost bought about half a dozen of the pairs you listed – I love them!

  3. The blue and black Mary Jane shoes with the bow on top….they are so sexy they’d make me cuss in front of my mother.

    The random bonus shoe…..I would do some unspeakable things for them.

  4. Fantastic! You can knock out your something new and something blue at the same time… or borrowed if you wish. I had black sparkly shoes for my wedding I nearly wore orange sparkly shoes.

    I love the statement the blue shoes make.

  5. I would wear that first pair every second of my life. That being said, I was really hoping to see some tiffany blue combat boots and I don’t know why. 🙁

  6. Ooh, I’ve got those “The Estate Of Things Heel” by Poetic License but in Yellow (which seems to be the only color ModCloth doesn’t have them in) and I LOVE them. They’re comfortable all day and my feet feel okay the next, and I never wear heels, so that’s impressive. I was looking at them sadly the other day because they won’t match anything else in my wedding and will probably be too beaten up by then!

  7. awesome !!! THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve been looking for blue shoes! no glitter ones i see though:(

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