A blue-haired video game designer marries an IT genius

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 | Photography by Mary Boyden Photography
Photos by Mary Boyden Photography

Faye, a video game designer, and Ryan, an IT genius, got married in Faye's hometown of Eugene, Oregon. These two were all about having a relaxed day with a twist — the wedding decor, attire (including Ryan's shirt), and cake was themed to match the bride's electric blue hair! Faye altered her own strapless high-low dress, paired it with knee-high Fluevog boots, and tucked her hair under a a birdcage veil. Thanks to Mary Boyden Photography for sending these photos to us!


photography: Mary Boyden Photography

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  1. Absolutely love this colour! (well it is half my leg tattoo, my car, my bag, my pc lights, my every-single-thing-that-comes-in-blue-must-be-blue things). I’m insanely jealous of her hair! Those rings are gorgeous too! My Ryan has the same one (or 3 – he’s prone to losing things so he’s having 3 rings during the ceremony; that way they will all be of equal importance) 😛

  2. Such fun! Love these pics, what a cool wedding! I hope we’ll hear more about this one.

  3. I think the bride’s rings are my favourite part of this wedding. The cake is a close second, & everything else is a very close third. 😉

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