Add suspense with a blindfolded first look

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I LOVE first look photos. They always register genuine emotion. Rachael and Chris tried an interesting twist for their first look: a blindfold! Talk about increased anticipation. Plus it just looks like fun.

You can see the rest of Rachael and Chris' retro cocktail party wedding here.

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Comments on Add suspense with a blindfolded first look

  1. @kate, lol twilightfic with the names changed whatwhat

    I mean, his expression is priceless, you can tell he’s genuinely wowed by her, which is nice. I’ll have to see my girl’s dress at some point since we live together and we’ve been known to give eachother christmas presents 3 weeks early because we’re so excited and suck at keeping things secret… But I haven’t given more than a 3 second look to the dress pattern she’s bought yet, sometimes traditions are pretty cool.

  2. What is most funny is that he did see the dress a head of time. It wasn’t a secret but we wanted to do a first look just in case he lost his cool! He didn’t cry like we both thought he would but he was very excited to see me! It made my day that much better!

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