Borrow this sweet blended family wedding vow idea

Guest post by Denise Greenwood
Photo by Ashley Mercer Photography. Wedding coordination by Simply Eloped

When my husband Ryan and I eloped to Audubon Park in NOLA in June of 2019, my daughter is Rebecca was included in our wedding party — and even in our vows!

If you're looking for blended family vow ideas, here's the wording we used in our ceremony:

This moment in time is truly a cause for joyous celebration for we are gathered here to witness not only the beginning of a new marriage, but also the beginning of a new family.

Ryan, Denise and Rebecca, would you please join hands to form your family circle?

I am going to ask all of you 3 questions. I would like all of you to answer each of them with, “I Promise!”

Do you promise to love, respect and protect each other from this day forward?

All 3: “I Promise!”

Do you promise to always try to be the best person you can be?

All 3: “I Promise!”

Do you promise to accept the responsibility of being a family, and encourage, and support each other in your new life together?

All 3: “I Promise!”

All 3: This is my family. I found it, all on my own. It is little, and broken, but still good.

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