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My future husband and I each have a son from previous relationships. His wife died when his son was only 4, and my son's “father” walked away from us when my son was about three months old. His son is now 18, and mine is 11; they have pretty much grown up with only one parent. When we met, we knew right away that we were the Complete Package together. The boys started making wedding plans when we had been together less than two months!

So here we are with the wedding fast approaching, and I was struggling with the invitation wording, because I want this day to be as much about the boys as it is about us. This is the wording we decided on:

We would be so very happy if you would join us
as we celebrate the union of
Mom and Son
Dad and Son
as they have agreed to bind and bond themselves together as
One Family

It's short and sweet, and the boys are right in there with us. I'd love to know what you think, or what you're using for your blended family wedding invitation wording.

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Comments on Steal this invitation wording for your own blended family wedding invitation

  1. This is awesome! My mother died when my siblings and I were teenagers/young adults, and my step-mum’s first husband died when their children were teenagers/young adults too. My dad and step-mum are committed to have one family as much as possible (which is hard when you have lots of children and gradchildren, but all that more important because you have so many). The typical wording I have seen (which is what my dad/step-mum and other couples I know with blended families have used) is that the children’s names are in the host line. It made us feel included (we were all adults at this point, but I have seen this with younger children too) and was one of the many ways that they have reinforced that we are one family (which can be difficult to do when you are dealing with adult children living in different places who all have their own lives).

  2. I think that instead of “The Parents of the Bride and Groom request your presence”, it would be lovely for “The Children of the Bride and Groom request your presence” .

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