DARK SPARKLE: 11 black wedding rings

Updated Nov 13 2019
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Black wedding ring from Joseph Jewelry


We know there are some of you into dark eleganza, gothic vibes, and Halloween weddings, but we also know that some of you just believe that the color black is everything… and that includes your wedding band.

Today we're going to browse some of our favorite black engagement rings from our longtime friends and sponsors, Joseph Jewelry. We're talking all black material, black gemstones, or just more subtle black accents. If you're looking for a way to bring a little personality into your wedding rings, there are a ton of dark options like black zirconium, black tungsten, carbon fiber, Damascus steel, oxidized silver, and even meteorite. We've got some women's engagement rings, and even more men's black wedding bands. Lots of these are custom wedding ring designs, so if you see something that's almost right but not quite, you can always go dream up your own! (The weirder the betterseriously.)

Let's take a look, shall we? You can click any of the rings pictured below to learn more!


This ring features a band of carbon fiber with a matte finish and a rose gold screw head pattern. The white gold inner band has been plated with Black Rhodium.

First, can we talk about black rhodium for a minute? It's the effect you can see on inner band of that ring right up there. Rhodium is a plating that can be applied to gold to make it a dark, dark gray. Awesome, right?



With six small diamonds set in a recessed space, and a hammered, oxidized finish on the outside of the squared band, this men’s wedding ring makes a strong personal statement.

Like this one! Totally a custom design. That hammered and oxidized finish gives the ring so much extra personality… doesn't it look like those little gemstones inside are being discovered, deep in the earth? Maybe this ring is meant for the geologist in your life?

This unique men's wedding ring features a snake or dragon scale design with black diamonds, black antiquing, and yellow gold accents.



Ok fine, you got me: this is not the first time we've talked about dragon scale rings. They just have such Game Of Thrones vibe, don't you think?


This gorgeous engagement ring features an asscher cut diamond set in the compass position in black rhodium-plated white gold, with alternating black and white diamond accents lined with milgrain on the band below.

-Black antiquing: like a paint that can highlight the designs of a piece and add a vintage or medieval look


This exquisite engagement ring features an emerald cut diamond surrounded by a black ceramic halo and accented with grey diamonds.

Part of the joy of a place like Joseph Jewelry that does custom rings is that rings can be made with all black material, black gemstones, or black accents. You see a design you like, but wish it was black? BLAMMO. They can do that. Many of the rings in this post were custom designs!

This custom-designed engagement ring features a large, round brilliant cut center diamond mounted in a four prong setting atop a white gold criss-cross shank. It is lined with two rows of bright cut set black diamonds running down either side, achieving a strong contrast of black on white that serves to make the ring pop.

I love the way you can use gemstones in a custom ring — they can be added to any precious metal piece (including black rhodium pieces!) Can be black diamond, black spinel, salt and pepper diamonds, gray diamonds, black sapphire, black onyx

This ring features a domed band of blackened solid diamond.

Ok wait so can we talk about this concept of a solid diamond band? These two rings are created from pressurized diamond dust, and then handcrafted to never scratch, break, or lose their color.

This ring features a laser engraved relief pattern on a band of blackened solid diamond.
This stunning cocktail ring features a large black onyx gemstone center, a halo of round diamonds, a uniquely shaped border for the halo, and custom relief engraving down the shank.


The centerpiece of this ring is a 1.96 carat black diamond, and it’s held in place by four prongs made of 14k rose gold.


If you want to play around with your own black wedding ring fantasies, there's no excuse not to start the process… Even if you're not exactly sure of what you want, just try playing with Joseph Jewelry's design tools to see what gorgeous black wedding band design you can come up with together!

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