From gothy to fancy, black wedding dresses are badass

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Who needs a white wedding dress when you can wear a black one?! I don't want to hate one the lighter end of the wedding dress spectrum, but as someone who eloped in a black dress, I like my frocks dark!

Here are a few of our favorite black wedding dresses — and we'd love to see more!


Steph and Mark's New Zealand wedding was pretty fantastic for several reasons (rockabilly theme! red details!) but chief among them is Steph's black dress. A-mazing!

ML Monique Lhuillier V-Neckline Tiered Trumpet Gown
Monique Lhuillier V-Neckline Tiered Trumpet Gown

This Monique Lhuillier V-Neckline Tiered Trumpet Gown has cobalt blue undertones, perfect for your dark blue and black goth wedding.


Kristen and Jet both rocked black at their zombie Halloween wedding in May 2013.

This lacy black gown runs up to size 14 and is also available in red.


Krysten donned this incredible black and white dress in her New Orleans elopement.


Manda's full-length black gown is AMAZING — as was her afternoon nightclub wedding in Australia!

This 50's style full-length black satin gown comes in sizes extra small to 5X, and the price is between $57 and $120. SCORE.


One more from the archives, because I'm pretty sure you can never go wrong with a birdcage veil, dinosaur, and amazing black dress.

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  1. Yikes, it’s not ALUQ032, it’s ALUQ112 that I have developed a serious and possibly incurable dress-lust for.

  2. I am pretty relieved that this is coming into fashion. We’re having a “HalloWedding” in October, and my dress is black and dark purple, from

    My mother and other family members are balking at my dress colors but I’m excited!

  3. Hey Im planning a Halloween wedding too!And been looking for a perfect dress too I have a white gown but it was given to me by someone who knew I didnt want a all white wedding gown.So Ive been searching for a colored wedding gown and I dont have alot of money since we are paying for the wedding ourselves and Im a single mom so its tough to find something.I may have to just add color somehow to the gown and hope it will work out! I am planning on wearing a wing with it to be an angel or butterfly or something of that nature. Anyways Congrats to the couple!!, great wedding photos too!

  4. I am also wearing a “black” wedding dress, although it’s an ivory dress with a black lace overlay. Ladies wear whatever you want!!!

    • Where did you find a dress with black lace overlay? That is exactly what i am looking for!

  5. I desperately wanted to wear this gorgeous black dress to my wedding but my future mother-in-law freaked out.

    So I’m wearing black and red. Glad to see someone rocking the black!

  6. I was so inspired by this article that with 3 weeks left before the wedding I decided I didn’t want to wear my ivory dress so I got a black one! No one is very surprised, I almost always wear black and I was not comfortable in ivory. The dress is a bridesmaid dress from David’s Bridal, I’m going to add a long ivory sash to make it feel more “bridal” and my tailor is turning the zipper into a corset back. I’m so excited, the wedding is in 2 weeks and the best part… the groom doesn’t know i’m wearing black!

  7. I am relieved to know that Black is rumored to be the new white……just today I was doubting my ivory with black overlay dress for my 1950’s inspired wedding…..I am now convinced that it is ok!!!

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