Advice from a bride who wore a black wedding dress

Guest post by Heather Pistulka
Photo by Heather Pistulka
Photo by Heather Pistulka

What made you decided on a black wedding dress?
I’d originally bought a white dress about a year before the wedding, but every time I tried it on I didn’t feel like me and I was uncomfortable.

About three weeks before the wedding I was having breakfast with some friends explaining how I felt and I said “Why can’t I wear a black dress?”

I wasn’t really considering it but they said, “You can do whatever you want.”

Black wedding dress by Julia Miren

That got me thinking, so I went to and found other brides in not only black but red, purple, and every other color imaginable.

Aww! Yay, I’m so glad I could help. Where did you find your black wedding dress?
My dress was actually a bridesmaid dress from David’s Bridal but I took it to my dry cleaners and they added the lace up back where the zipper had been. I also found the sash at David’s Bridal.

Did anyone try to talk to out of wearing a black wedding dress?
Actually, no. I was pretty surprised how supportive everyone was. These days people know that weddings are less and less traditional and that a wedding should absolutely reflect the couple. White was just not something I wear, and people just seemed excited about something different.

Black wedding dress by French Knot

What was your husband’s response?
It was a surprise, I let him keep believing that I was wearing white but he knew I was up to something, he was expecting black accents on a white dress or something like that. When I started walking down the aisle he said he was surprised momentarily but he loved the dress. I believe he uses the word “hot” to describe it. ;o)

What about your family?
When I told my mom she wasn’t surprised she just said “Ok, I can see that.” When I told my mother-in-law I wasn’t sure what to expect, she said “Heather, do people really wear black wedding dresses?” and I said sure and quoted everything I’d read on OBB. After that she was all for it. The thing is, everyone knows me and they know I love black but that I would still keep it elegant so no one was really worried — not even my more conservative friends.

Black wedding dress by Sweet Caroline Styles

Any advice for other brides considering a black wedding dress?
Do it! It was the best decision I made (other than marrying my husband) because I felt GOOD about myself and I felt LIKE myself so I was able to enjoy the day. Also, try to find a dress that still has that “bridal” feel. That way you won’t feel like you’re in a cocktail dress.

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Comments on Advice from a bride who wore a black wedding dress

  1. this is my dress too! i can’t wait to wear it, only 18 more days! that’s great that everyone around you was so supportive of being different. both our families are super conservative and everyone hates the idea (except my mom). i’m actually pretty sure my future mother in law hates me now. 😉

    gorgeous pictures!

  2. I thought that dress style looked familiar. I also had this dress from David’s in red (or apple as they call it). Can’t beat a wedding dress for under $200 and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I never thought that would be where I would end up getting my dress. But it was so perfect and COMFORTABLE and lovely.

  3. I feel exactly the same way she did! I ONLY wear black it’s what makes me feel attractive and comfortable. I was afraid that my mom was gonna die when she found out but suprisingly she supported it. I’m not just wearing black because I am a Halloween bride but because it is truely my shade!

  4. I had a similar situation with a white wedding dress. I kept thinking, “It’s NOT me…but it’s a wedding…but I don’t like it….but it’s a wedding…” and finally said, “To hell with it – it’s my wedding – I want red!”

    I wore the same DB dress in red, and I made a red and black sash to match. I think there were a few people at the wedding who were surprised, but everyone was very positive and pointed out that is was very “me.”

    Our photographer and our officiant both LOVED the dress. They both told us that it was awesome to be able to work with a couple that did things different.

    Heather – you look awesome!

  5. Yeah, I’m going through the same thing. I bought a dress at davids bridal the first time around, and didn’t like it and brought it back. Well it sucks because they only do exchanges equal or greater value! So i exchanged it for another dress… now I’m regretting getting this one, and now it’s discontinued. I don’t know what to do! my sweet fiance even designed me a wedding dress! Where would be a good place to sell a dress, or what would your suggest for me in this situation?

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