Black diamond engagement rings as dark as your soul and hardcore as your love

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I am fuh-reaking out over our newest sponsor Iz&Co. Seriously, where have they been my whole life? In New York, apparently, making jewelry for (almost) my entire life.

Okay fine, they've been around for a while. But the point is, I know about them NOW. And I can spread the gospel of goth jewelry design bad-assery. Because I [black heart emoji] Iz&Co. And here's why you will, too…

Black diamond engagement rings as dark as your soul and hardcore as your love
The “Lora” ring.

At Iz&Co. it is our mission to create fine jewelry that is edgy, badass, sexy and confident that you can identify with… Besides our obvious obsession with skulls, we have over 19 years of experience when it comes to engagement and anniversary rings. We completely understand how important, significant and nerve-racking the process of buying an engagement ring is, but our goal is to make that process as easy and stress free as possible.

I say they nailed “stress free,” since Any. Single. One. of these designs would absolutely thrill you and your partner…

The aforementioned skull rings

Black diamond engagement rings

Almost Eternity black diamond engagement ring in black gold (that's a thing!?)
The Belle Black & White Diamond Ring was inspired by one of their favorite Disney movies: Beauty and the Beast!

And there's just so many more awesome black diamond engagement rings to see and fawn over. I literally can not choose a favorite. Can you? Oh, even if you can't find your favorite out of their ready-made collection, you can always ask them to custom make something perfect…

“I can honestly say I've never had service as good as I received from IzandCo. They moved heaven and earth to make the most perfect engagement ring in a short time period and then get it all the way to the UK. Every step of the way they blew me away with their kindness and cooperation. I would recommend them to anyone and this certainly won't be the last time I shop from them!” – Nick T.

They even make rings that aren't dark, but just as bad-ass! If you're looking for unique engagement rings that are as dark as your soul and as hardcore as your love, go check out the rest of Iz&Co's amazing collections!

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  1. I have a black gold/black diamond engagement ring (and wedding band after Sept 17th!). I absolutely adore it – it is SOOO me! Front Jewelers has some amazing choices.

  2. Yep I totally love these, perfect for that sort of ‘not cute’ bride 🙂

    I really like the skull rings, the sort of thing I imagine Pamela Anderson wearing if she remarried. Which she might have done already as I don’t really follow celeb news!

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