Striped wedding dresses make me clap my little hands together

Updated Nov 4 2015

Oh Danielle, my gorgeous bride in striped wedding dress, how goth doth I love you?

Photo submitted to Offbeat Bride Pool, courtesy of photographer Laura Nikisher



For now, let us all bow down and pay homage to the photos, courtesy of Laura Nikisher:







Want the full scoop? Read the full wedding profile!

  1. LOL – thank SOOOO much for the plug Ariel!!
    I'll submit as soon as I have the full set of pics from Laura, who is an amazing photography goddess and everyone should hire her always. 🙂

  2. They look SO much like themselves (inasmuch as I can say that someone looks like themself when I don't know them personally). How cool to not have to sacrifice being you!

  3. What a gorgeous wedding! For anyone looking for a black and white striped wedding dress, I have one very similar to the dress in the picture that you might like. I had it custom-made for a masquerade party, but never got around to wearing it, and I always thought it would make someone a fantastic wedding dress. If you're interested, visit my profile page on the off-beat bride-tribe, Julie in St. Louis, MO.

  4. umm, is there anyway to find out where she go the fabric?? i'm looking for a component to my wedding dress and i'm striking out.

  5. danielle, i am so in love with your top hat – did it have a bird cage veil attached?? you look incredible!

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  7. I just got the rest of the pics from my photog and I've submitted my bride profile. With a little luck, hopefully everyone will get the read the whole story very soon!

    Thanks again Ariel!!

    @missmeanie: You'd have to contact Amber at to find out if she'd share her fabric source

    @ultrasarah: Yes, it did have a bird cage veil attached. I got the hat for a very reasonable $65 at They have amazing hats at really affordable prices.

  8. Oh wow, i just found this and realised that my dress is pretty much the same as yours :O (I get married in November this year)

    You look absolutely stunning (and now i know i've made the correct dress choice!) and i love all the photos!

  9. In fact reading through the comments correctly, it IS the same dress. Made by Amber at 🙂 <3

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