Jennifer & Kevin ride off into their future

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Photo courtesy of The Quintessential Image
I love happy bikey couples riding off into their future together, like Jennifer and Kevin here, as recently photographed by Quintessential Images in the UK. Lots more beautiful photos from this bicycle wedding over here.

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Comments on Jennifer & Kevin ride off into their future

  1. Oh my gosh! That’s us! How exciting!! I’ve been waiting for these to be ready so that I can email you the link, but you beat me to it! Can I send you a profile, can I? Can I? Huh? Huh? This is so exciting, OBB totally inspired me during the planning! Yay! You made my day! x

  2. Whoa. Those are some of the most gorgeous photos I’ve ever seen– it looks like a magazine spread or something. Spectacular!!!

  3. As a mountain biker, I’m *obsessed* with wedding bike pictures! Have been quietly following Jennifer on the OBBT, so exciting to see these gorgeous pictures.

  4. If there were some practical way to get our bikes out to our middle-of-nowhere venue, I’d love to do a bike getaway (plus our reception is at the same location, so there’s no “getaway” involved). If I were going to, though, I wish I had a prettier bike to do it on. I love my bike to bits, but it’s an old rusty blue mountain bike that’s been spray painted neon green. I’d have to give it a spruce-up.

  5. Katharine, you should totally try and get your bike there (we chucked ours in the back of my Dads camper) and it doesn’t matter if your bike isn’t as pretty as you’d like – you can decorate it with flowers and ribbons! We didn’t actually end up taking our own bikes, as we were worried about leaving our pride and joys in the barn overnight. My Dad managed to borrow these vintage bikes from a local shop! Also, we had the whole shebang at the barn, and the ‘getaway’ you see was mocked up while people were eating desert :o)

    Niki – mountain bikes rule!

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