How we got creative with our Big Lebowski Coronavirus wedding cancellations

Guest post by Ellen Niedospial

My partner Jake and I have been doing this thing called life together for 12 years now. We got engaged in January of 2019 while hiking in the Superstition wilderness area of Arizona. Due to the current Coronavirus and quarantine situation, we’ve postponed our April 2020 wedding until August… this is the story of our Big Lebowski Coronavirus wedding cancellations

The thought of having a super traditional wedding honestly made us want to barf. We’re not religious either, and finding the Church of the Latter-Day Dude was the perfect fit for us… The Big Lebowski movie is something that we never get sick of.

We constantly find ways to relate moments and quotes from the movie to our lives and we can identify with the simple principles of the dude. It’s one of our favorite things and our mutual love of the film bonded us.

The wedding that really tied the room together

Our wedding was going to have a loose Lebowski theme, we coined it “the wedding that really tied the room together.” These were our original save-the-date cards:

Our long time friend would officiate after being certified as an ordained Dudeist Priest. We would be married on a rug — of course. Then the night would turn into a wild party with three different food stations — including cupcakes in crazy flavors with signs that relate them to moments in the movie. There would be coffee-flavored cupcake for Donny, of coursem — good night, sweet prince.

We were going to arrive in a giant bus shaped like a beer barrel, our friends were going to play bluegrass music for cocktail hour before a style matters DJ turned the motha up with a funk-fueled dance party. After dinner, we would play The Big Lebowski on a giant movie screen for our guests who don’t feel like dancing.

…All of these things are still going to happen! They're just going to happen at a later date, when things are safer and we will be more than ready to boogie.

Our Coronavirus wedding postponement cards

Unlike the Nihilists, we do have feelings. So obviously we are bummed at having to postpone and we already know some special people cannot attend the new date. However, with our offbeat mindset, this hasn’t tossed us too much of a ringer. The whole world is out of its element right now, and we have to roll with it. In some aspects, we do feel we’ve been given the opportunity to rework a few wedding details… who knows, maybe things will turn out even better?!

A wiser fella once said: sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well, the bar eats you. Time will tell!

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