From coast-to-coast, Angelic Affairs wants to plan your offbeat wedding

Updated Oct 12 2015
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Jenn and Bill's crazy hat wedding in Los Angeles.
Jenn and Bill's crazy hat wedding in Los Angeles.

I bet a lot of you totally remember that "crazy hat-wearing, dance-partying, Zelda-themed wedding" — the one with all the wonderful fashions, hats, venue, and the confetti canon!? That whole shindig was planned by our sponsor, Angelic Affairs.

If Kelly, the owner of Angelic Affairs, can plan an event like the crazy hat wedding, she can plan anything. From your over-the-top event in Los Angeles, to your super-simple wedding in Rhode Island, Kelly's got the secret sauce to pull it off…

Andi Brian (61)

Kelly is all about letting you express yourselves at your wedding:

My assistants and I believe in love, and believe that every wedding or event should be celebrated as uniquely as possible! A wedding or event isn't just a day to show off and party — it's a day to celebrate the couples' love. It's a celebration of their commitment to one another, shown in their own unique way.
Andi and Brian's vegan, vintage slideshow wedding in Bethlehem, PA.
Andi and Brian's vegan, vintage slideshow wedding in Bethlehem, PA.
Angelic Affairs pulls off truly personal wedding event — from over-the-top to understated — using her own special booking process.

Kelly will email her super special questionnaire which asks questions about every detail of your event (type, budget, venues, vendors, colors, etc.), and about you (how you fell in love, your likes as individuals, and your likes as a couple). From your answers, Kelly will create an inspiration board showing you her vision of your wedding day — one that totally encompasses who you are as a couple.

Charles and Jackie's skull and bones wedding in Newport Beach
Charles and Jackie's skull and bones wedding in Newport Beach

Since Kelly lives in Los Angeles and Newport, Rhode Island, she's bi-coastal! Kelly is also a destination wedding planner with extensive research and travel skills in planning national and international weddings.

So you know she'll be able to plan your weddings from coast to coast — but are you concerned about whether you can afford Angelic Affairs? Never fear! Kelly plans events of all budget sizes, and often comes up with custom quotes for her clients based on their needs. But there's also this special discount for our readers…

Offbeat Bride readers will get 10% off your custom package price when booking Angelic Affairs for any wedding planning or day-of coordination package

angelic affairs 40 If you're looking for a fan-freaking-tastic wedding planner, look no further. Get ready to toss away your wedding stress like a bouquet at the end of a flawless wedding day, when you book Angelic Affairs!

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