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So they are now selling wedding decor at BHLDN, Anthropologie's foray into the wedding world. Personally, I sort of love them in a very conflicted way. In case that site makes you want to barf, I have looked at every object and collected some of the dumbest things, so you don't have to! What can I say, I live to give. There are some super-cute things that I would definitely consider buying/DIYing, but I wanted to share two hilariously “Wha?” offerings:

This is a stick. With a bottle tied to it. It costs $68.
Actually it's $68 for four, but that is still bananas for four sticks, four empty bottles, and eight pieces of twine. I could go outside right now and get that off my neighborhood hobo for the cost of a 40 ounce beer!

This is a bucket. It costs, I shit you not, $128.
It's a bucket that costs $128. I have nothing else to add.

This is a bag of colored clothespins. It costs $28.
But they are hand-dyed by an artisan! Did she sign each one? If not, how will my guests know I am clipping their escort cards up with artisan clothespins, not just some crap I got at… wait, where do clothespins come from? Maybe they are no longer available in America, and their rarity makes them precious, like diamonds. Oh my god, diamond-encrusted wedding clothespins! I am going to make a million dollars.

(If you love BHLDN, don't get huffy. I'm sure I'll be buying something from them before it's all over.)

Comments on BHLDN… WTF? LOL!

  1. YES.

    Honestly, pretty much everything at Anthropologie drives me crazy, but this is the epitome of ridiculous wedding branding. “Here, pay lots of money to have your stuff look DIYed AND to have everyone know it came from Anthropologie!”

    It’s like they took the DIY trends coming out of the recession and stripped all the personalized, meaningful, NICE things out of them. 🙁 Also all the work, but still. $128 for a MFing bucket.

  2. That is pretty much the exact same thought I had looking at their site. Some stuff is cute, yes, but ALL is ridiculously expensive. Let’s get real here.

  3. I won’t lie, I really love their regular dresses and skirts. They’re adorable and well made for the most part. One of my bridesmaids even got her dress there when I told them to get whatever they want. But I’ve always thought their housewares were overpriced and pretty ridiculous. Seems they’ve upped that ridiculousness by twenty bajillion percent for their wedding crap.

  4. Thank you for this post!

    I really do like some of their stuff but the prices are insane. However, I am grateful for the inspiration because we’re re-creating their Pegged Legged Placeholders for our wedding (at a fraction of the cost).

  5. Lol, I see a lot of things recommended on this site that I think are very overpriced. OBB, not anthropologie (bc that goes without saying for them, lol.)

  6. HAHAHAHA Right? The clothes are amazing (and worth the price; if you’ve ever purchased clothing from Anthro, it starts to make sense why they’re priced like they are), but sometimes their accessories and decor make me go, bwa?

  7. Since when does OBB do snark? This is the kind of post I’d expect to read on regretsy.

    Yeah, it’s funny, but I thought OBB was supposed to be non-judgemental

  8. Hahahaha! BHLDN is fun to look at but ultimately ridiculous. Bottle-tied-to-stick is my own new coveted item.

    • I plan to try and work this into every conversation from now on.
      “Oh, but that is NOTHING compared to my bottle-tied-to-stick! Isn’t it just TO DIE FOR?!?!?1ELEVENTY”

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