Wedding beverage dispensers to make your guests drool [Updated for 2022!]

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Teardrop beverage dispenser from RaiseTheBarCo

I've noticed in my wedding shooting days that serve-yourself hydration stations were becoming more and more popular. And for good reason — no need to hire staff to re-fill your drinks, your guests can get refreshed at will, great for weddings on hot days, and they also look really pretty! Just look at those beehive beverage dispensers pictured below. When any of these are filled with colored liquid like bright sun teas, fruit filled water, or sangria, they're like refreshing colorful wedding decor.

Beehive beverage dispenser from Boscov's.

If you're thinking of setting out some drink dispensers, here are a few options that will not only serve up yummy liquids, but will look good doing it — and match your wedding decor from vintage-style to nerdy or gothic.

21 beverage dispensers that'll make your hydration station look like art
Mason Jar beverage dispensers from Amazon

CreativeWare 3-Gallon Beverage Dispenser

This Creativewear three gallon beverage dispenser is UNBREAKABLE, bitches! This will last through ALL your raging parties — wedding and beyond.

CreativeWare 3-Gallon Beverage Dispenser texturedThis one is also by Creativewear, but it's got some cool texture detail to it that I really like.

Artland Inc Pedestal Beverage ServerI just LOVE the look of this Artland pedestal-style beverage jar.

Corelle Coordinates Simple Lines Ceramic Beverage DispenserThe Simple Lines ceramic beverage dispenser is sexy and modern, just like you. (Winky face.)




Style Setter Blackboard Beverage Dispenser Set with StandOoh: A set of two large mason jar dispensers with a stand — how convenient! And how charming!


Note that spigot being allll the way at the bottom: not a drop goes to waste with this 1.5 gallon dispenser.


Style setter colorful mason jar dispenserI'm going to end this roundup on these awesome colorful Mason Jar-style beverage dispensers. They come in red, green, and blue. Artistic beverage dispensing DONE! (Also, if you're wanting to serve your guests from mason jars, we recommend this 24 pack!)

This custom etched beverage dispenser can be personalized!
HOLY WOW this globe-shaped beverage dispenser would be amazing for a travel-themed wedding.

Oh, and in related news… a personalized beverage tub makes a great keepsake after the wedding.

Eat, Drink, and be Married personalized beverage tub by Zizigallow

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Comments on Wedding beverage dispensers to make your guests drool [Updated for 2022!]

  1. Wow. I never knew my life was lacking drink dispensers. But it is. It totally is.

  2. We have ours bought. Two are really pretty with silver glass lid and base, the other two are more casual but we are going to paint the lid to match the mirrored glass on the others. I’m really looking forward to the hydration station! I think it’s going to be a hit!

  3. ZOMG. How did I not find those mason jar dispensers when I was planning my mason-jar themed wedding??

    Oh. The price, that’s how. ๐Ÿ™

  4. NOOOOOOOO! Why are my favorite ones “currently unavailable” on Amazon!?! SADNESS! I was totally prepped to buy one right here right now, for no other reason than they are awesome and I want one.

  5. I WANT THE BEE HIVE ONES. Seriously, FH is a mead maker and I those would be awesome to serve mead out of.

  6. These are so cool and practical. LOOVE the globe. Gotta love function and looks.

  7. Megan, this is the best porn post I have ever seen on OBB. Yeah, I might maybe have brought home a beautiful 1.5-gallon apothecary-jar style glass beverage dispenser last night. I LURVE it. I said to my sweetie, “This beverage dispenser represents to me the foundation of our wedding style.” I took pictures of me hugging it. (I know that’s weird.) I got it off of Craigslist and it cost me $10, and I am sooooo happy and materialistic about it I can’t STAND myself.

  8. Ohh, I love this. I like the inexpensive, unbreakable ones – I had already been looking at getting that one. But now there’s so. many. to. choose. from. (and how to explain to my partner that you can really spend time trying to decide which drink dispenser? :-D)

    • I bought 2 of the creativewear dispensers and they are BEYOND awesome! Wedding isn’t until August and I’m storing them at my sister’s so she used one this past weekend for a party with crazy drunk hockey guys and everyone thought it was amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • the unbreakable ones are nice and affordable, too bad the spout isn’t unbreakable ๐Ÿ™ mine is out of order till i figure something out

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