What should a best woman wear? Fashion for groomsgirls & best women

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Can you spot Chris' non-man best man (and her bitchin' heels)?
Photo by Fable Photography

I'm in a wedding in November. I'm a 32-year-old woman but am standing with the groomsmen. All the men are wearing tuxedos. The bridal party is wearing long, strapless black dresses with an off-white sash. I need help figuring out what to wear!-Karissa

You might think the only way to make a gender-blind wedding party work is to match the switcheroo with the other side of the party. But hold on — because that's just one of a few options. Can I just say I LOVE seeing women in fantastic, tailored suits and menswear-inspired outfits? Or hell, throw out the whole matchy-matchy concept entirely and dress with the crew in any kind of fabulousness you like. This is especially awesome if the party has some gender-queer elements happening.

Let's take a look at what we've seen among our own Best Women and Groomsgirls. Bring on the ladies crossing the gender divide!

1. Dress with the dudes

Photo by Calla Evans

Kim and Alex's party featured similar styling by having Alex's groomsgirl wear the Halloween-inspired tie and swanky cane of the boys' outfit. Also note how the whole party has the same boot/shoelace combo. Love it.

Bridal party
Jewelzy Bug's party went the whole nine yards by having the Best Woman wear a sleek black suit and boutonnière, just like one of the guys. And she looks pretty damn good. And while you're looking, check out the faerie wings and dog bouquet. Delish!

Match the ladies


Wedding Party
Photo by Photography by Greg

Celeste and Jason snuck a lady onto the groom's side by merely having her wear black instead of navy. She fits right in.

zebra crossing
Same dress, different color again! Our groomsgirl here is wearing the same dress in black to match the ladies and the men. And who doesn't love this zebra stripe shot in general?

the guys This wedding allowed the groomsgirl to get in on the Wai Ching fun since the bride AND all her bridesmaids were wearing Wai Ching dresses! Frankly, if I was in this wedding party, I'd probably insist on not missing out on that. But hers had black accents to match the groom's side. Check out more about the fashion here.

Whole wedding party.
Photo by the bride's mother

Bret's groomsgirl wore the same gorgeous green as the other ladies in this literary wedding. And the guys' ties match, too!

Scrap the whole matching concept!


the gang
With the bride wearing blue, there's no reason to keep the same traditions with the wedding party. Here is Jane and her mixed-gender party looking awesome in their variety. Jane has a Best Man, her husband has a Best Woman, and there was a Bridesman. And why not, I say?

Wedding Party
Photo by Renee DeKona

Liz and Sarah had all ladies in their party of Maids of Honor, officiant, ushers, and readers, so they wore whatever matched the day. The two Maids of Honor wore matching blue dresses though. Adorable.

wedding party-47.jpg
Photo by Whitney Lee

Dresses on one side, slick pants on the other at Bethany and Deanna's nuptials. Just enough matching to make it awesome.

Wedding - Ceremony
Photo by Katie Donaghue

Anne and her groom have a huge group of ecelectic friends and family which equals a huge group of anything-goes cocktail wear. It totally matches the outdoor casual theme.

What are some of your favorite ways you've seen gender-blind wedding parties dressed?

dresses: Wai Ching

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Comments on What should a best woman wear? Fashion for groomsgirls & best women

  1. My bridesmaids are wearing saris in fall colors, our groomsbroads are wearing black saris. Originally we talked about black pencil skirts and blazers but the suggestion of saris came up for the bridesmaids and the groomsladies jumped right on the bandwagon too. They look fabulous.

  2. I was a best (wo)man (as it said in the wedding program) at my best friends wedding a couple years ago (and no I didn’t go all Julia Roberts). His wife asked me to wear a the same style bridesmaids dress only in black instead of the burgundy. I loved it! I walked down the aisle with the maid of honor. I did the bachelor party too. It was awesome. I also did my own hair and hung out with the guys instead of the bridesmaids.
    This was quite the traditional catholic wedding. The Priest was really confused by having me as the best woman. The bride’s family who didn’t know me at all looked at me odd, but its what my best friend wanted and they accepted it once they figured out I wasn’t there to steal him (I think bringing my husband, then boyfriend, helped.)

  3. I was a groomsman in a friend’s pretty-traditional wedding. The guys wore tuxes with silver vests and the women wore royal blue. I got a black women’s dress suit with a sort of sash (so it mimicked a cummerbund), a black camisole with light silver detailing to wear under, and black heels, and pulled my hair back. This was all pretty much my call as I wasn’t given much/any guidance by the bride and groom, who trusted me not to wreck the joint with classlessness. I later found out that the families had been a little apprehensive about me but people’s worries were assuaged as soon as they saw my outfit.

  4. I was a groomsmaid in a traditional catholic ceremony as well. All of the bridesmaids wore black dresses and the groomsmen wore black tuxes. I found an awesome black dress at Ross for $10 that had a line of vertical ruffles on the bodice so it ended up looking like an old school ruffley tuxedo. It worked perfectly!

  5. I think this is a lot of fun. Partly because I was the best man at my brothers wedding. It was great to be able to help him through such an important day in his life. It was most appropriate too, since we were the closest of all our siblings. This is a photo by their photographer. I’m the chick in the dress on the right. The guys wore black suites with white suspenders and a white tie. It looked so gangster, that I had to spice up my outfit with a white and black fedora. For the flowers, I wore a boutonniere in the hat’s brim. It was awesome.


  6. My sister, a friend and I are all going to be groomsladies in my brother’s wedding this weekend, in addition to the groomsmen. The bride is also having bridesdudes and bridesmaids. There will be 12 of us, and the bride said just to wear whatever we wanted in the range of blues and greens she’s picked. The men needed more direction, so they’re wearing long-sleeved white shirts, dark pants and my bro is gifting them ties. One of the bridesmaids prefers to dress gender neutrally, so she’s wearing dress slacks and shirt similar to the guys with the same cufflinks.

  7. My “MaidMan Of Honor” is wearing a dress for me XD. To be fair tho my wedding is Dr.Who themed so each of my BM’s and the GM’s will be dressed as Doctors and their matching companions <3 LOVE the same color brides choice dresses tho!

  8. My SO insists on having “groom’s dudes.” This crew will include at least one woman, and we plan to work out with her whether she’d be more comfortable in a dress or in a suit and then just let her find one that looks nice with whatever everyone else wears. My brother will probably be amongst the groom’s dudes as well, and he might show up in a skirt. You just never know, with us. 😛

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