Which metal is right for your stone-less engagement ring?

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Elvish Glow In The Dark Stainless Steel Ring by GadgetEntertainment

One of my partners and I have recently reached the stage of playfully sending each other rings we like.

The trouble is that neither of us like inset gemstones and I'm so hard on jewelry that gold or silver might be too soft. Maybe you could post something comparing different materials?

We're both nonbinary (so this wedding wouldn't have a bride or a groom) but we both lean toward more streamlined men's styles for jewelry.

Stone-less engagement rings are a vibe and we're here for it! We've written about them before, but let's go deeper…

If you're into no-stone engagement rings like this reader (but still want a pretty bling thing you can flaunt) then keep scrolling for our round-up of the best metals for stone-free engagement rings.

Oh, and if you're someone who tends to be rough with your hands, we'll also go over important info you'll need to know, like the durability (resistance to breaking) and hardness (resistance to scratching) of the metal.

Ready to find the best metal for your stone-less engagement ring?


A common misconception with gold is that the higher the karat, the more durable the ring is. If you're eyeing a gold ring just know that 10k is the most durable, but you shouldn't opt for anything higher than 14k-18k if you care about the longevity.

Get alllll the shine with this gorgeous gold no-stone engagement ring.
Dimpled Gold Wedding Band by Vinny&Charles
This stone-less engagement ring makes such a statement!
DNA Gold Band by Grace Alchemy


Tungsten takes the cake for the most scratch-resistant wedding band metal. However, keep it mind it's the most prone to chipping and cracking, so probably not the best option if you're a video game character who tends to swings their hands into walls or punches a lot of concrete.

This epic glow in the dark stone-less engagement ring doesn't need a gem to stand out!
Hand-Inlayed Opal Glow in the Dark Ring with Sturdy Tungsten Core by CottonStreetArtCo
You can still get your shine on with a no-stone tungsten engagement ring!
Custom engraved tungsten wedding rings by C9TTungsten


Ceramic wedding bands are second to tungsten in terms of hardness (and they're available in multiple colors!). They're crafted with titanium carbide which means they're light and scratch resistant. But similarly to tungsten they're easy to chip. That means you'll want to be extra cautious if you tend to be rough with your hands.

Ceramic stone-less engagement rings can still be sparkly as hell!
Frost White Opal Inlay Ring White Ceramic Ring by RicksRingsNThings
Go for a sleek stone-free engagement ring with shiny black ceramic.
Black Ceramic Carbon Fiber Wedding Band by ArtfulRings


Titanium is notorious for being one of the strongest wedding band metals in the game while also being lightweight. Although it doesn't scratch or chip easily, over time you might notice some wear on the metal. That's totally normal and can be easily polished for that fresh-out-the-jewelry-store sheen.

This titanium stone-free engagement ring looks like it came from the future.
Titanium Ring by RomasBanaitis
If you're going for a no-stone engagement ring, how about sharp shapes in your wedding band?
Obsidian Titanium Whiskey Barrel Wedding Band by Caveman Bands


Platinum rings are the ultimate luxe vibe, plus they're hella strong! Although it's a durable wedding band metal, it's not exactly 100% scratch-resistant. You'll want to make sure you schedule the occasional re-polishing with your jeweler to help maintain the brightness of the metal and remove the inevitable scratches you'll get from living your best life.

Skip the stones and go for skulls with this stone-less engagement ring.
Dorian Hidden Skull Band by Grace Alchemy
This isn't a 100% stone-free engagement ring but platinum looks uhhh-mazing with a teensy sparkle!
Diamond and Stars Minimalist Constellation Platinum Wedding Ring by AuroraDesigner

Stainless Steel

Want the durability and sheen of metal without breaking the bank? Stainless steel is where it's at. You can get it plated in different colors, it's scratch resistant, plus you can wear it in water without worrying about in tarnishing! Perfect for the low-maintenance jewelry lover.

You and your loved one can rock a sun and moon motif with these stone-free engagement rings.
Sun And Moon Star Minimalist Stainless Steel Couple Ring by HERAJewelryArt
No-stone engagement rings means more surface area for personalization.
Personalized Stainless Steel Ring by JonyJJewelry


Cobalt's got the bright color of platinum and the scratch resistance of tungsten, plus it's extremely durable and requires little polishing or maintenance to keep it looking gucci!

We love how this stone-less engagement ring opts for detailed engraving instead!
Cobalt Wedding Ring by TrustRingCo
Made with a silver star meteorite, this stone-free engagement ring doesn't need a gem to shine!
The Silver Star Meteorite and Cobalt Ring by JewelryByLuxurien

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