Mini golf, Disneyland, & cake: A reader roundup to make this the BEST DAY EVER!

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STDOffbeat Bride Fluffy Monster uploaded this photo to our Flickr pool with the description “Our Save the Date design from a found image. How freaking cute is this kid?” Ariel's response: “So sweet that I got a cavity and my tooth fell out — AND IT TASTED LIKE HONEY. Love this!”

I have to say, the reader photos in this week's roundup just might make today feel like the BEST DAY EVER! Or at least vastly improve your Monday…

Cake DisplayI have been DYING to show y'all this Portal wedding cake by Sweet Inspirations in Colorado. It combines cake pops and a Companion Cube cutting cake.

Speaking of cakes…

Customized cake toppers Tribesmaid Sarahbanana had one awesome, high-fiving, custom tattooed cake topper, accented with the TINIEST Millenium Falcon, X-wing, and AT-AT that I've ever seen. I wonder if she studied our post on how to customize your own cake topper? (Update: she did!)

Shepard Fairey Mural ATP Music Festival Asbury Park, NJ Can more of you have your wedding party photos taken in front of big-normous Shephard Fairey murals of Joey Ramone and Johnny Rotten? In fact, Lipstckchick715‘s wedding photos include amazing photography locations — one more awesome than the other.

Speaking of amazing wedding party photo locations…

Parents' wedding party 1Check out this vintage wedding photo of Jamie's parents and mini golf putter-wielding wedding party! Now check out this photo of Jamie, her husband Colin and THEIR mini golf putter-wielding wedding party…

The wedding partyIn the week leading up to their wedding, Jamie and Colin constructed a four-hole course. Hole one was a tribute to Jamie's parents' 35 years of marriage, and featured photos of their 1977 miniature golf reception. Just when you think you've seen it all, folks.

And speaking of amusement parks…

I'm going to end this “best day ever” roundup on, what was certainly, Offbeat Bride reader Beth's best day ever…

Since we got engaged at Disneyland we had photos taken shortly after by the friendly Photopass Cast Members. I LOVE IT! The photobomber is one of my BridesBabes being silly. I want to keep this over my mantle forever!

Clicky Links to make this the best day ever:

We want to see pictures of YOUR best day ever… Was it the day you proposed? The day y'all tied the knot? The day you finished work on your crafty DIY invites? Upload your photos to our Flickr pool and tell us all about it!

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  1. omg, that ramones cake!!! wish we had thought of that for our wedding! but i guess it’s not too late to have one made for some other event… 🙂

    • “It’s never too late for a Ramones cake!” [Trademark: Offbeat Bride] 😉

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