18 costume weddings that totally nailed it

Updated Oct 12 2015
Photo from Kate & Alex's sci-fi/fantasy nerd mash-up by Curt Collier

It's getting to be that time of year again: Halloween wedding season! We can always count on seeing loads of weddings where guests are encouraged to come in costume. Because, seriously, costumes always amp up the fun factor. Here are 18 weddings that totally get it right when it comes to rocking the costumes.

Oh, and if you need some help getting your guests excited about donning some garb, here are some tips.

The appropriately named "Team Awesome" gives new meaning to epic commitment (and heels).

Photo by
Photo from The wedded unveiling of Team Awesome by Ohana Photographers

Alice in Wonderland awesomeness.

Catherine & Jeff's Wedding
Photo from Catherine & Jeffrey's Alice in Wonderland-themed circus reception by 586Media

Getting the wedding party involved is usually a great place to start the enthusiasm.

Photo from Melissa & Joe's Star Wars masquerade ball

Oh, and providing killer masks helps, too!

Photo from Melissa & Joe's Star Wars masquerade ball

Pirates, baby — the best way to show off your floofy shirts that you know you totally own.

Photo from Giselle & Alan's pirate handfasting wedding by Diane Woodring

A steampunk costume theme is the most reliable way to confuse… and then ultimately delight your guests.

Photo from Kristina & Matthew's steampunk and science bookish wedding by Matt Norris

One signature costume (like a Beetlejuice officiant!) can set the mood for the whole shebang.

groomsmen and beetlejuice
Photo from Sarah & Troy's Beetlejuice-themed, epic FX movie wedding by Maura Housley

Costumes at festivals are a given, so when weddings adopt that theme, it can be amazing.

BAMfest 2012
Photos from Tamasin & Ben's dress-up camping "BAMfest" wedding by Michelle Tyrrell


Post-apocalyptic carnival theme? Oh hell yes.

Lovepocalypse! Post-apocalyptic Carnival Wedding Party
Photo from Allison & Chris' post-apocalyptic carnival 75 feet underground by byfield-pitman photography

Ye olde ren faire-style is one of my personal faves.

Photos from Neil & Amanda's Renaissance fire and glitter handfasting by Amy Fender


Don't forget Viking weddings! These look era-appropriate and comfy.

Photo from Evangeline & Corey's Norse viking weddingby N'Sight Photography

No wedding dress code can fail when Buttercup and Wesley are the anchors.

Photo by Heather Elizabeth Photography
Photo from A Princess Bride wedding channeling Westley and Buttercup themselves by Heather Elizabeth Photography

Fake blood? A pair of scissors? Your zombie costume is done.

Photo from Joey & Wade's crowdsourced zombie wedding by Shutter2Think Photography

Lightsabers make every Star Wars theme better… as does Waldo, right?

Photo from Andrell & Aaron's Padme and Anakin Star Wars wedding by Mentha Designs

A fairy tale theme is the best of all worlds: totally open, understandable, and Shrek-able.

Photos from Kara & Gary's fantasy fairy tale heavy metal wedding by Craig Mitchelldyer

Plus, we got to see this fabulous hooded gown!


Masquerades are (appropriately) all about the masks, so dressing guests (and this dapper wedding party) is easy-peasy.

Formal Groomsmen
Photo from Jenifer & William's opulent masquerade ball wedding by B. Pinzon Photography

With a totally open gamer, Star Wars, geeky costume theme, everyone can wear what they love.

Photo from Giovanna & Jonathan's colorful gamers and costumes wedding by Sharyn Frenkel Photography

One last Star Wars wedding for the road… and this romantic Jawa dance.

Giant Jawa Waltz
Photo from Nadia & Dale's wookiee boogie Star Wars wedding by Wedding Dream Services

Raise your hand if you're planning a costume and/or Halloween wedding!

  1. Is that Mike Saga I see front and center in the second to last picture?! Lol I love when I recognize people in the weddings Offbeat Bride features!

  2. We are having a Steampunk wedding. The "adventuring party" (thanks for that term btw) is going to look awesome but I don't know if many of the guests will be dressed up. Either way it will be awesome!

    • Depending on your budget, you could have top hats, goggles, or bronze colored masks for quests (or an assortment). Or gear pins, etc.

  3. We are having a sci-fi/rockabilly Circus wedding. The officiant will be my creepy friend, The Ghostmanof Greenville, SC, Jason Profit and he'll be the ringmaster. And the rest if the party will be dressed as circus characters (this way one of the girls can rock leopard print and be a trained cat!) The flower girl will be a pink Dalek and the ring bearer will be dressed as a dancing bear! I'm encouraging rockabilly dress and my beloved's aunt can't wait to wear her poodle skirt and saddle shoes!

  4. We're planning a tiny Halloween wedding, and costumes are "encouraged," but not mandatory. We're hoping for some awesomeness from our friends, though, who almost never miss an opportunity to dress up.

  5. My wedding is going to be Medieval/Fantasy/Princess Bride/Basically anything in that area. I have quite a few guests who are really excited about dressing up, and I just hope most people do.
    Its not a halloween wedding though; my birthday is the 27th and I'd rather not get married so close to it. (or the 3 other birthdays we have in october.)

  6. We are having a sci-fi / travel/ do-it-yourself/ Harry potter WoW themed wedding. Basically our favorite science fiction tv shows and movies with Harry potter and camping travel with world of warcraft and decorating is made and done by me (bride). Plus it's a potluck reception. It's a very multifaceted theme. Very us! Guests are welcome to wear something from our theme. But not expecting them to.

  7. These all looked Fab. I wished more people dressed up for ours, but they didn't – apparently wear something blue/silver/sci fi related was confusing.

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