Why we love candid moments: a top 5 countdown with Mary Cyrus Photography

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I think we're all in agreement that when you get your wedding photography back after the wedding, the most fun will be had looking at all the candid shots that you didn't know were being taken. The group photos are lovely, but it's those little moments that make it all so much more memorable… and often hilarious. Grandma shaking it on the dance floor, the bouquet hitting the ceiling, surprise ceremony bloopers — you know what we're talking about!

We asked our sponsor, Texas-based Mary Cyrus, to go on a little top five journey from her 2014 weddings to see which candid moments were her favorites. And of course, if you want some of these types of moments captured at your wedding, Mary has a neat discount in store as well. Let's take a peek at the next in our list.

5. Surprise shoes!

Let's start with the picture at the top here: Mary's daughter was appropriately impressed with the unveiling of her custom green bridal pumps, which made for a kick-ass shot of some genuine awe (and awwww).

4. That perfectly timed ceremony exit


I love celebratory wedding reception exits. Saymora and Andrew's topped the list this year with streamers AND bubbles. I love how they caught the light of the mid-day sun! – Mary

The streamers, the little guy with a front-row view, the guests' smiles, and that totally natural cheer from the bride — sign us up for this moment any day.

3. Reception games gone wild


There was some fierce competition at the Castellan table at Hannah & Scott's tabletop games reception. – Mary

Formal wear shmormal wear… this couple knows a good time for gaming is anytime.

2. A true-to-life moment of relaxation


Bryan and Tara needed a few minutes together before joining the guests at their backyard reception. A few minutes together with the Wii, that is. – Mary

Taking a break during your wedding is essential. Taking a break with some Wii to unwind and de-stress is delightful.

1. Ye olde cake smush!


Lili won the wedding cake fight, and the crowd went wild! – Mary

Not everyone digs this particular tradition, but when the moment hits, the couple is game, and the photographer catches it at just the right time, a memory is made. Just make sure you're both on board with this one before you attempt it!

Thanks to Mary Cyrus for helping us count down some killer candid moments in her 2014 weddings. If you want to see more, check out her 2014 highlights. Mary is also game to shoot your wedding if you're in Texas or beyond. She serves the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and is always open to traveling for weddings (Scottish castle weddings are especially welcome!). We know that capturing candid moments in ninja-like ways is totally her specialty and passion, but she'll make sure to capture your awesome portraits and group shots as well.

Need some reassurance that Mary is right for you? Here's some of what Bryan (of Wii-playing fame above) had to say about her work:

All of the great professionalism aside, Mary is also damned good with a camera. Our wedding day was gloomy and grey outside, and during our backyard reception, it was freezing cold and started to rain, but Mary managed to take gorgeous, vibrant shots that really captured the beauty of our day, as well as the intimate, emotional moments that come with it. Honestly, we're happy with every shot. To top it all off, we got our photos back about a month later, which we thought was blistering fast. I wouldn't hesitate at all in recommending Mary for anyone looking for a great photographer.

Mary is offering a 10% discount off any of her 8+ hour wedding packages in addition to a free engagement session included with all of her packages! Get in touch or check out her rates.

Say hello to Mary (trust us, she's super nice!), and let her know what kind of moments you're looking forward to when she shoots your wedding.

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