I’m a sucker for bellydance weddings

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This shot of a bellydancing bride rocking the dancefloor with one of her bridesmaids just makes me beam. I know there are people who HIRE bellydancers to perform for their weddings, but I think tribal bellydance regalia just makes gorgeous wedding attire … especially when the groom is rocking a tartan!


And the color. Oh the color. THE COLOR:

The bride plus umbrella

And the love. THE LOVE!

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Comments on I’m a sucker for bellydance weddings

  1. Hooray for bellydance weddings! I had been hoping to change into bellydance gear for my moulin rouge reception as my gorgeous but steel-boned corsetted dress is going to make dancing near-impossible – but it is the only thing I had received resistance on from my whole bridal party as it is 'inappropriate' for me to get my midriff out at my wedding…

    Hoping that these pics will reassure everyone that it will look lovely rather than tarty as everyone seems to expect! Thanks for posting this!

  2. The Maryland Renn Fest?!?!? I just KNEW that background looked familiar! And that dude in the second photo down must be Cardinal Sinnius Vice! Wowzers, but I am jealous!

  3. I can say that Christina is definitely original in every aspect in her life. And she definitely doesn't settle for boring and "normal"! She's a very amazing bellydancer, writer, AND jewelry designer, and it looks like she managed to make a lot of disparate things into a totally awesome wedding.

  4. So awesome to hear belly dancing is incorporated into a sacred marriage ceremony to express oneself ultimitely and expressively to to the one they love and all thier friends and family. I've been taking belly dancing classes & it shrunk my core 3 pant sizes going 1 hour a wk. for only 4 months!

    I used to take both karate & kickboxing at the same time & my core never shrunk that fast and it's a much more aggressive intensive workout that I've given up for dance!

    I wonder if I ever get married again if I would have the guts to belly dance at my own reception, maybe since my daughter is also trained in belly dance with me – it might be weird to some – but to us it's just really enjoying a celebration and a beautiful expression of the female body.

  5. I have been bellydancing for 8 years now, so it has become a big part of my life. I thought about bellydancing on my weddingday, I let it slide becaue I’m afraid to do to much. After seeing this pictures my feet get itchy. I might do it anyway, nothing choreographed, just freestyle. It would be a good excuse to get out of the heavy weddingdress and shoes.

    No need to expose a midrif, there are loads of ghawazee coats that cover up ànd are still awesome. Ofcourse I hope my three bellydancing best friends will join me.

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