I’m a sucker for bellydance weddings

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This shot of a bellydancing bride rocking the dancefloor with one of her bridesmaids just makes me beam. I know there are people who HIRE bellydancers to perform for their weddings, but I think tribal bellydance regalia just makes gorgeous wedding attire … especially when the groom is rocking a tartan!


And the color. Oh the color. THE COLOR:

The bride plus umbrella

And the love. THE LOVE!

Twoo Wuv

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  1. The second picture, I think, really captures the spirit of Offbeat Bride–why compromise all the things you really want in favor of blah when you can, instead, have it all?!

  2. I only really come here to see things I can suggest to the large number of my friends getting married soon (and to secretly glean ideas for any hypothetical wedding I may have in the future, ha!) but as someone who has recently started tribal bellydance classes… I am in SO. MUCH. LOVE.

  3. Awesome to see the bride doing her thing. …And it also helps me justify my desire to have a special wedding bellydance outfit for the reception! Yay!

  4. Wow! A friend just let me know that my husband Jason and I were featured here! The wedding took place at the Maryland Renaissance Festival on a very chilly, rainy October morning, with a rockin' reception to follow. My bridesmaids also wore Tribal regalia, with the groomsmen in kilts. I performed with my dance partner, and we also hired a professional troupe (Kallisti Tribal) to perform as well. It was a fantastic day, and we couldn't have wished for more!

    Christina Allen Page

  5. HOT! Gorgeous colors, sinfully good-looking couple, and a spirit of celebration and fun absent from all too many other weddings.

  6. Haha ok, these beautiful photos have inspired me to make a confession. The rough thing about reading OBB is that when I see a photo of a gorgeous lady in an amazing outfit, I can stop to admire…but I already know she's taken!

  7. Yay!! So glad to see more bellydancing brides! I know I'm going to bellydance for my new hubby at the reception, but don't know what yet. Great inspirations at OBB 🙂

  8. Hi Ariel,

    I'm glad you liked the pictures I took of Christina's wedding! It was a blast to be there and take pictures of one of my best friends's happy day.

    Don Sharar
    Portland, OR

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