Winter got you down? This week we're bringing you some spring weddings for inspiration from March to May! And don't miss the custom-made mossy branches. Total love for those.

Kathleen and Larry got married at Seattle's Urban Light Studios, an eclectic and chic venue with a speakeasy vibe. Kate from Kate McElwee Photography and Carna from Very Important Events shared the photos from the colorful and subtly bee-themed event from last April. Even the food matched the orange and green color scheme!

For more details on this orange and green fantastic party, check out the TWO blog posts at Kate McElwee Photography!

venues: Urban Light Studios

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Comments on Moss-covered trees and tiny bees at this orange and green wedding

  1. I love all the local Seattle touches and the picture in front of the henry painting is my favorite! Hopefully ill be able to pull something this awesome off.

  2. Someone PLEASE tell me where the vest with the bees came from! The bee tattoos on my fiancee’s wrists are part of what grabbed my attention!He is a meadmaker and bee keeper and this would be perfect for him!

    • Jen, we don’t have any contact with the couple. I’d suggestion contacting the photographer and seeing if she can help you get in touch with them.

    • The vests were actually hand made by a friend of the bride and groom. The friend also made the orange tops that the bridesmaids wore. She was incredibly talented! I’m sure you can talk to a seamstress and come up with something similar if you’d like.

    • (This is from the bride, Kathleen, who is having tech issues:)

      Jen, the vests were custom made using a Napoleonic Bee fabric from
      Plumridge Fabrics and a custom pattern created by a friend of ours who’s in fashion design school.

  3. Love the feature, thank you so much! I’m so happy this super unique wedding got the exposure it deserves 🙂

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