Because taxes go great with wedding planning

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Nothings spells L O V E like T A X E S. Tax © by 401K, used under Creative Commons license.

So, I've spent almost a decade working in marketing and PR, so I totally expect emails from publicists trying to get the attention and business of Offbeat Brides. I mean, this is an ad-supported site, so emails from businesses are expected and for the most part welcomed. But every once and a while I get an email from a publicist that's SO weird that I just have to share it with y'all.

Looking for a last-minute Valentine's Day gift? Forget expensive flowers, overpriced chocolates and five-course dinners, show your love by taking advantage of the $14 offer on all [Big Tax Preparation Company]™ online tax preparation products. Nothing says “at least I'm responsible” like up to 70 percent off [Big Tax Preparation Company] online products. All you have to do is register to use any [Big Tax Preparation Company] online product from Friday, Feb. 12 through Sunday, Feb. 14 and your Federal tax return will cost just $14. To take advantage of this sweet deal, visit http://www.[Big Tax Preparation Company].com/valentine.

With love for taxes,
[Name Redacted], On behalf of [Big Tax Preparation Company]

Because nothing says “I'm planning a non-traditional wedding” like filing your taxes online, guys!

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Comments on Because taxes go great with wedding planning

  1. At least it's semi-tounge-in-cheek! I love flipping through the Bad Pitch Blog for e-mails like this, even though I'm in PR, too. So sad that a few bad apples make our whole profession look clueless.

  2. Our tax refund will be completely funding our wedding… How's THAT for romantic??? 🙂 Now if the cash will just come through already………

  3. Just when I think I've seen most of the strange ads online… another one comes out of the woodwork! Well, it takes all kinds, right?

  4. Taxes have a lot to do with weddings, sadly, and this ad is insensitive in that it glosses that problematic association of legally recognized (heterosexual) marriage with tax refunds among many other benefits.

  5. I used to work for Big Tax Company. I'm not really surprised about this pitch to get people to pay $$$ to get their taxes done…the peak of the tax season is usually close to Valentine's Day. Can't believe it took them so long.

  6. I found this quite funny! At least they are looking outside the square for tax marketing…but it doesn't actually mention weddings and I can imagine it doesn't fit the offbeat advertiser criteria lol

  7. This is doubly funny to me because my fiance is a software designer at an online tax company and this totally sounds like something they’d send out LOL.

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