I wish I could tell you more about this beautiful dreadlocked bride with her neo-tribal feather and bone headpiece.

All I know is that her name is Sonya, she got married at a beautiful outdoor location in Santa Barbara, and I think this might be her bridal lingerie. If so: whoa.

…Everything else you'll have to infer for yourself from photographer Chris Hansen‘s Facebook album.

UPDATE: Go feast your eyes on all the amazingness and get the full scoop on Sonya & Jeffery's wedsite. You'll find so much inspiration over there that your head might EXPLODE!

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  1. Holy crap that is the HOTTEST COUPLE EVER. If you’re going to spend a fortune on a wedding, that is DEFINITELY the way to do it. Oh my god. That is a seriously amazing wedding.

  2. I don’t mean to be annoying about it, but actually we didn’t spend a huge fortune…we spent some, of course, but our friends contributed a lot. In fact, we didn’t use any vendors at all, aside from paying for dance lessons at the community center for our tango. We really started the planning by taking Ariel’s book seriously 🙂 and looking around at our community, seeing what kind of wedding we could put together based on everyone’s special gifts and talents. We are extremely lucky in that we have an amazing amount of talented and beautifully gifted friends, and so it all came together to be huger than anybody ever imagined, but the principle was entirely organic.

    I feel that’s important to add here because it was extremely intentional, and it created an amazing vibe that everyone could feel. I have a sense you guys can tell from the pictures.

    Another thing that made it so special was the way we crafted our own ritual. Jeffrey and I just completed a year-long priest and priestess training where we learned how to lead ritual and hold ritual space for transformation, so that made a big difference. For more info on our teachers, who also are our dear friends and the priestesses who married us:

    Anyway, what I’m trying to say here is that I think anyone who looks deeply within, doing the personal work required to burst through years of conditioning to create a ceremony perfectly suited to the kind of world you want to create in your union, can can come up with the most beautiful wedding for them. For the other stuff, reaching out to connect with your community, seriously asking for their blessing as well as their participation in your union, is priceless–and often surprising…it might not look like anything you’ve seen before, but it will be spectacular!

  3. Oh my God. This is the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. You can just feel the overwhelming happiness of these two. The photography is amazing!

  4. I love love love this bride. I kindof want to to be her. And I’m not even engaged. Or in a serious relationship. Also, I just found this website and am now totally addicted.

  5. I just looked up the Do Lab guys that did the tent – they are amazing – now if only I could find the equivalent brilliance here in Australia 🙂 (anyone know of amazing pod makers … let me know) = again congrats on what looked like a wonderful and never to be forgotten celebration!

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